Joe Biden Ignores Groping Accusations While Promoting Book In Minneapolis

Daryl Deino

Joe Biden has been out and about promoting his new book Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose. This weekend, he attracted big crowds in Minneapolis. The book has garnered some praise, especially the parts that deal with Biden watching his son die of brain cancer. According to the StarTribune, Biden said that if he has learned one important thing, it all starts with family.

While Biden has tried to portray himself as the "family values" type of guy, he has come under intense fire in recent weeks regarding a video compilation that shows the former vice president groping several underage girls. While accusations of "child molestation" are ridiculous, even those on the left can't help but cringe.

The Daily Beast, perhaps the most left-wing news site on the internet, thinks Joe Biden would be an awful candidate in the post-Weinstein era.

"While Joe Biden has been jokingly depicted as a kooky uncle or Obama's wacky sidekick or Leslie Knope's grin-flashing celebrity crush, he's also got a troubling history of acting weird in public around women who don't seem entirely on board," says columnist Erin Gloria Ryan, who adds that if Democrats want to retain moral authority on the issue of inappropriate sexual behavior, they must decide that it's wrong no matter who does it.

HuffPost has also condemned Biden's groping, but thinks the way Biden handled the Anita Hill situation back in 1991 should make him unqualified to run for office. While the left has been cautious in their criticism of Biden, the right hasn't held back one inch. A couple weeks back, Breitbart got really nasty in an article titled "The Adventures of Creepy Joe Biden: Serial Young Girl-Toucher."

Last month, the Daily Wire simply stated that the Democrats had falsely been silent on Biden's questionable behavior.

"As men in positions of power continue to fall like dominoes over allegations of varying forms of sexual misconduct, some men have managed to elude the media's microscope for their behavior," wrote columnist Ryan Saavedra, adding what, perhaps, was the reason why -- Joe Biden hadn't been publicly accused of inappropriate behavior by any woman.

Still, since that article was published, the left has indeed began criticizing Biden and other left-wing figures. As this article mentions above, several left-wing websites have criticized Biden. And then there is Al Franken, the former senator of Minnesota, who resigned last week after pressure from several prominent left-wing politicians and columnists.

Joe Biden will continue his book tour throughout the country, and he will certainly draw crowds. However, most believe that if Biden wants to run for president in 2020, he will have to face the backlash from his groping and inappropriate touching.