'The Voice' Accused Of Being 'Rigged In Blake Shelton's Favor'

The Voice is being accused of being rigged in favor of Blake Shelton's favor following the latest instalment of the NBC singing show on December 5. After viewers saw Ashland Craft of Team Miley Cyrus and Shi'Ann Jones of Team Jennifer Hudson sent home, viewers slammed the show and accused the production of somehow being rigged to support Team Blake.

A number of angry viewers took to social media to voice their opinions on the latest outcome, with many pointing out that Shelton still has three acts in the competition while fellow coaches Jennifer and Adam Levine have two and Miley just one.

A slew of watchers were quick to accuse the show of somehow being "rigged" for the country star, claiming that Shelton may have been getting some kind of special treatment after his acts have been consistently safe and not even in jeopardy of being eliminated via an Instant Save.

"This show is so rigged in Blake's favor it makes me sick #TheVoice," said one fan, while another added, "#TheVoice, is this show rigged, why are the best voices in the bottom?"

"CAN YA'LL STOP CLEAN SWEEPING BLAKE'S TEAM EVERY D***N SEASON IM 'BOUT TO JUST STOP WATCHING THIS RIGGED A** SHOW #TheVoice," tweeted one The Voice fan after seeing Team Blake was safe once again this week.

"#TheVoice is it in Blake's contract that all his yeehawcowboy Hillbillies win?" asked another following the December 5 show. "Davon [Fleming] is the best of at least 8 of them, but now fighting for a spot! This is so rigged."

But while a slew of social media users took the opportunity to call out the series and Shelton, others defended Blake and his team and joked about those claiming it's somehow "rigged" in his favor.

"My favorite part of the night," tweeted Shelton fan @hillerj76 as the negative tweets began to pour in regarding Blake and his team. "When people say how #TheVoice is rigged!! Go #TeamBlake."

Of course, there's no proof to suggest The Voice is in any way rigged in Shelton's favor, though the country star – who's appeared on all 13 seasons alongside Adam – has won five times before with his acts, while a member of Adam's team has only been crowned the winner three times.

Shelton hasn't commented on the latest backlash from viewers who accused the singing competition of somehow being "rigged" in his favor, but did express his gratitude to the American public for voting all three of his acts through to next week's show once again.

Blake took to Twitter after the latest episode wrapped on December 6 to thank his followers for having both his and his team's back once again.

'The Voice' fans are accusing the show of being rigged for Blake Shelton

"Thank you for getting us thru!!!" the "I'll Name The Dogs" singer tweeted, adding the hashtags #VoiceTop8 and #TeamBlake.

But while Blake made it clear that he's pretty happy to see his acts safe once again, it's been a bit of a week of controversy for The Voice as the singing competition heads into week four of the live shows ahead of the finale later on this month.

Following the Monday night episode on December 5, fans slammed Miley for her bizarre huge yellow dress, while others called out Jennifer for seemingly shifting the focus to her rather than her team.

The Voice Season 13 airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.