Jennifer Hudson Called Out For Using ‘The Voice’ As ‘Her Own Platform’

Jennifer Hudson is being called out by The Voice viewers once again, this time for appearing to make the NBC show all about her after once again taking off her shoe on the December 4 episode. She has thrown her footwear onto the stage multiple times during Season 13 over the past few months.

Jennifer, who confirmed earlier this year that she won’t be back for Season 14 in 2018 and will instead be returning to her seat on The Voice U.K., was slammed by a number of fans following the most recent installment. Many claimed the singer and Oscar winner was using the talent search as her own platform rather than shifting the focus to the contestants.

“Jennifer Hudson uses #TheVoice for her own platform. Didn’t know she was so starved for attention,” one viewer tweeted this week, urging producers to bring back former coach Gwen Stefani after she and Alicia Keys left the show earlier this year.

“I’m so sick of Jennifer #thevoice. She’s more annoying than Christina [Aguilera],” another viewer bluntly said of the “If This Isn’t Love” singer. “Bring back Alicia Keys!”

“I haven’t enjoyed this season of #TheVoice whatsoever all because of Jennifer,” wrote @alyocho as the December 4 live episode aired on NBC, where Miley Cyrus also felt a little heat of her own after showing off her unique fashion choice as she sported a huge yellow dress.

Others also weren’t exactly feeling Hudson’s latest shoe throw either, which came after she launched her footwear onto the stage on numerous occasions this season after confirming that a show throw is the ultimate sign of a good performance from her.

“This whole Jennifer throwing her shoe thing was funny at first but now it’s just annoying,” one The Voice viewer responded. Another said, “Jennifer, we get it! Just keep your shoes! #TheVoice.”

“Jennifer is so d***n annoying like put your f***ing shoe back on??? #TheVoice” a third hit back after seeing Hudson once again remove her show on the December 4 episode of the popular NBC series.

But while not everyone is a fan of Hudson on The Voice this season, others defended her after seeing all the hate the Oscar winner was receiving following her appearance on the most recent episode of the show.

Some even made it clear that they want to see Jennifer win the whole season over fellow coaches Miley, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine, just to stick it to the haters who have been making negative comments about her and her coaching style since she first joined the series earlier this year.

“#TheVoice I really hope somebody from Jennifer’s team wins just to see the d**n haters have a fit,” said one The Voice viewer in defense of the former American Idol contestant, often referred to as JHud. “Like you really hate this woman? Hate?! For what living life with joy? Stay miserable.”

Hudson hasn’t commented on the latest drama to hit social media following the December 4 episode of The Voice but made it pretty clear that she’s still loving being a part of the NBC series on Twitter despite all the backlash.

Jennifer – who addressed reports of a feud with fellow coaches Miley and Blake last week – tweeted along with the show via her official Twitter account and praised her team, made up of Davon Fleming and Noah Mac after Shi’Ann Jones was eliminated during week three of the live shows.

Season 13 of The Voice airs on NBC on Monday and Tuesday nights.

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