Robbie Davidson: Flat Earth International Conference Head Says New Film Will ‘Make People Question Everything’

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Robbie Davidson organized the Flat Earth International Conference last month, but he has more in store than just a special expo for flat-Earthers when it comes to proving his point that our planet is flat. He has also just released a film called Scientism Exposed 2, and in a recent interview, he promised that the new film doesn’t just prove that the Earth is flat, but also has the potential of making people “question everything.”

Described by the Daily Star Online as a Christian with 10 documentaries about the Earth supposedly being flat, among other theories, Davidson’s new film claims that today’s technological advances are capable of proving with more certainty that our planet is flat. He also claims that it’s impossible for anyone to ever reach the edge of planet Earth in order to find out what lies there, as it would be “too cold” for technology to function.

“Flat-Earthers don’t all agree on what’s at the edge of the Earth,” explained Davidson, in an interview with the Daily Star Online.

“But Earth has a flat edge, the Antarctic is most likely at the edge, and the Arctic is in the middle.”

Expounding on his belief that Antarctica represents the edge of planet Earth, Robbie Davidson said that this was the very reason why all countries backed out of exploring the continent except for scientific purposes, via the Antarctic Treaty of 1959. But that’s not the only conspiracy theory Scientism Exposed 2 has floated around, as Davidson was quoted by the Daily Star Online as saying that the Apollo moon landings were faked in an attempt to photograph the “round” Earth as it appeared from space.


Likewise, Robbie Davidson cited other examples to back up his claim of a flat Earth, such as the “illusion” of ships disappearing as they go over the horizon, and the lack of conclusive scientific experiments that could prove our planet is round. He also spoke to other news outlets in recent days, including Newsweek, saying that he believes other stars and planets exist, but adding that he can’t really say for sure if these objects are also flat.

“They appear to be spherical, they could be disks. I don’t think it really matters too much. I just don’t believe that we’re on a sphere.”

While there have, in fact, been numerous scientists and scientific papers contesting the statements made by Robbie Davidson and other flat-Earthers, Davidson told Daily Star Online that it’s the scientific community that’s being narrow-minded about the issues in question. He wrapped up by saying that flat-Earthers tend to ask more questions and express more doubts about seemingly established facts, suggesting that the U.S. government may be lying about scientific discoveries just like it would lie “about something like the JFK assassination.”