Kansas Man Allegedly Dismembered Dead Wife In Front Of Kids But First Poses Corpse With Tots For Family Photos

A man who has allegedly exposed his children to a horror that most people could not fathom was in court this week and more disturbing details were revealed. It started when a Kansas man’s pregnant wife died after giving birth in a hotel room with her husband and toddler daughter there with her. This 35-year-0ld father allegedly posed his wife’s corpse on the bed and he positioned the kids and himself around her and took family pictures with her corpse. This was just the beginning of this very disturbing story that came out in court on Wednesday when Rey was charged with several crimes after his arrest on October 24.

According to People Magazine, Justin Rey, 35, checked into a Kansas City, Missouri, hotel room with his pregnant wife and their 2-year-old daughter. While at the hotel Jessica Rey gave birth in the bathtub and died shortly afterward. How the wife died is still unclear, as the man’s conflicting reports state she either died in childbirth or by committing suicide after giving birth. This is what he has told police during questioning.

According to the latest reports, Rey allegedly kept his wife’s body on the bed in the hotel room for a couple of days before returning her corpse back into the bathtub where she had died. This is the same hotel room where the couple’s toddler was running around and their newborn infant spent the first few days of its life.

After he returned his wife’s corpse to the bathtub, he allegedly dismembered her remains, stacking her body pieces in a large cooler. According to People, he allegedly did this “in front of the children.” According to the documents, he told police that the parts of his wife that he could not fit in the cooler, he discarded. It is not clear on how Rey allegedly discarding the remaining dismembered pieces.

As he was getting ready to leave the hotel, Rey allegedly called the front desk attempting to sound like a female and told the hotel staff to “check out the room.” Police would later get involved and watch the hotel surveillance camera tapes to document Rey’s moves.

After this father left the hotel room with his two young daughters and a cooler in tow, which is what police could see from the hotel’s video, he apparently went to a storage unit in Lenexa, Kansas. This is where Rey and the children spent the night, according to the information that People found via the court documents. The details are sketchy, but at one point Rey went into a restaurant and bar where he met a couple, a man and his wife. They agreed to drive him to the storage unit and then onto the train station.

Once they got to the storage unit, Rey went in and then emerged with a cooler. The court documents indicated that the husband, who was about to drive Rey and the children to the bus station, noticed the cooler was leaking “brown liquid.” According to People, it was the staff at the storage unit who summoned the police via a 911 call out of concerns for the kids, but it was not revealed what those concerns were.

When police arrived and saw the newborn baby, they asked Rey where his wife was. This is when he allegedly told police that most of her body was in the cooler and the remainder of her dismembered body parts were in a tote bag.

So far the official cause of Jessica Rey’s death has not been released by police and the court records do not indicate her cause of death. The children remain in protective custody according to the court documents via People Magazine.

CBS News reported that Rey was homeless, he had a court appearance earlier this month, but he was removed from the courtroom because he embarked on a “screaming rant against authorities.”

According to CBS News, “Justin Rey, who was arrested last month after being found with the remains at a Kansas storage unit, was charged Wednesday with the abandonment of a corpse and child endangerment in Jackson County, Missouri. Rey jailed on a $1 million bond in Johnson County, Kansas.”

The probable cause statement in the court documents indicates that the hotel room’s bathtub drain was removed and apparent human tissue was found. Traces of blood also were detected in the investigation, throughout the room.

[Featured Image by Tammy Ljungblad/AP Images]