Alleged Harvey Weinstein List Targeted Nearly 100 Who Might Accuse Him Of Sexual Misconduct

During the time reporters were investigating sexual harassment allegations against him, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein compiled a list of close to 100 people who might accuse him of sexual improprieties, according to a report by the Hollywood Reporter.

Weinstein attempted to prioritize which persons on the list could cause him the most problems by marking them in red, according to The Guardian. That only trimmed the list from 91 to approximately 50.

The list reportedly included actress Rose McGowan, one of the first to speak out against Weinstein’s alleged wrongdoing; Laura Madden, who accused Weinstein of misconduct at hotels in London and Dublin; and actress Sophie Dix.

The latest revelations in the Weinstein scandal tie in with a report earlier this week by Rowan Farrow in the New Yorker, in which Farrow described the tactics Weinstein used to protect himself from potential accusers, including non-disclosure agreements, financial settlements, and bullying tactics by lawyers and investigators.

The New Yorker report said Weinstein hired detective agencies, including ones that employed former international spies, including people who had worked for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

The creation of the alleged list of people who could cause problems for Weinstein began in the fall of 2016, when Weinstein discovered that reporters, including Farrow, were working on stories involving the producer’s alleged lengthy history of sexual harassment and sexual assaults.

The first report to claim Weinstein sexually harassed women appeared in the New York Times. The New Yorker article revealed that Weinstein’s long-time attorney David Boies also worked for the Times and indicated he might have slowed the newspaper’s investigation. The Times has since severed ties with Boies.

Since the publication of the Times article, Weinstein, once one of the most powerful forces in Hollywood, has suffered a meteoric career collapse. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expelled him and he was removed from the company he founded, the Weinstein Company.

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly hired investigators, including former international spies, to cause problems for those who might accuse him of sexual misconduct. [Image by Lee Roth/AP Images]

By late October, just a few weeks after the New York Times article and Farrow’s initial New Yorker article, more than 50 women made sexual harassment or misconduct allegations against Weinstein.

Weinstein has denied all of the allegations.

The Weinstein allegations, which have been followed by allegations against other people in Hollywood, business, and politics, have led women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to tell their stories through the MeToo hashtag campaign.

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