November 18, 2017
Ivanka Trump Blasted For Thanksgiving Tweet

Ivanka Trump is getting blasted for a Thanksgiving tweet. She's had a rocky week with her remark about there being "a special place in hell for people who prey on children" after sexual misconduct allegations hit GOP candidate for Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore. The last thing social media wants from President Donald Trump's daughter is "advice," which is what popped up on Thursday.

The Thanksgiving tweet that the first daughter is getting skewered over was posted on Ivanka Trump HQ. It was a tweet about tips for Thanksgiving centerpieces and it didn't go over well with users, according to Huffington Post. A sampling of the reactions is seen below, with many enlightening the president's daughter and special assistant that many aren't able to afford such lavish decorations and others taking the opportunity to further criticize her father and the administration's agenda. Many took the time to create some rather unflattering images of turkeys, with one that was made up to look like Donald Trump, replete with the hairdo.

"Have no idea how to decorate your table? Problem solved," the post on Ivanka Trump HQ read with a link to an article on the company's website.

The tweet was posted by an independent designer, but it was exempt from being attacked full on by those opposed to the Trump presidency. Take a look at what some of the responses below!

By all accounts, Ivanka Trump has sacrificed a lot by moving to Washington, D.C. Even her father has acknowledged that she gave up a lot to be a core member of his inner circle in the West Wing. Much speculation has been placed on how long she'll last in the rough world of politics at its highest level. Will she and husband, Jared Kushner, be by Trump's side throughout the entirety of his presidential term, or leave as soon as next year? Axios reported in early October that a "possible exit strategy" for Ivanka and Jared is already being planned out.

The report revealed that one plan will involve the president announcing that his daughter gave up too much for Washington and wants to see her return to the life she used to have in New York City. Going by interviews Ivanka Trump has granted, she and her husband have no plans to leave the president's side.

[Featured Image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images]