Roy Moore: Mitch McConnell Should Step Down Instead

As allegations of sexual harassment and molestation circle Congress, Alabama’s GOP candidate for a Senate seat, Roy Moore, says Mitch McConnell should step down and resign his position. Moore is facing accusations from a growing number of women who say he sexually harassed them, engaged in inappropriate relationships with them, or molested them, with the youngest victim to come forward so far only 14 when she says the former chief justice removed her clothes and tried to engage her in sexual acts.

Moore maintains his innocence, though more than 30 sources spoke to the Washington Post for their initial release, including Leigh Corfman, who says Moore molested her at age 14; another woman who says Moore first approached her at 14 but waited until she was 16 to pursue a relationship; and two others who were in their late teens when Moore is said to have dated them. Another three victims have come forward with allegations since then, including one who says Moore signed her yearbook — a point his lawyer is specifically disputing, according to BBC — before enticing her into his car, touching her despite her refusals, and warning her that no one would believe her story because of his political position.

Reports have even surfaced that Moore was banned from the mall in Gadsden, Alabama, because of the unwanted attention he gave to teenage girls who were there to shop. One accuser took credit for that ban, telling ABC News that after she complained, her manager came back to her later and told her that Roy Moore wouldn’t be allowed at the mall anymore. This, too, his lawyer disputes. Roy has also asserted that he has evidence there is “collusion” between the victims, but says he’s not ready to show this to the public.

roy moore says mitch mcconnell should step down because he doesn't support donald trumps agenda
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for Moore to step aside in light of the allegations and the number of people who have come forward to support the stories. While he can’t be replaced on the ballot on December 12, a write-in campaign could be launched for Luther Strange, who Donald Trump supported in the primary, before accepting Moore’s win as the Republican candidate and endorsed him for the seat.

However, Roy Moore shows no signs of stepping down and leaving the race. Instead, he’s calling for Mitch McConnell to step aside, saying that McConnell and his “cronies” are trying to steal the election and silence the people of Alabama.

Roy Moore has been a controversial figure, fighting against marriage equality long after the Supreme Court ruling in 2015, receiving at least one endorsement from a chapter of the KKK, and hinting at further political aspirations, with his Foundation for Moral Law releasing a recommendation for him to be named to the Supreme Court.

Moore has placed himself as an opponent of McConnell for some time, suggesting that the two take opposing positions on the Affordable Care Act, accusing McConnell of slander over allegations that he, Moore, misused charitable funds, and linking his primary opponent, Luther Strange, to McConnell, describing both as fighting against the “MAGA” agenda of Donald Trump’s campaign.

While Mitch McConnell has recommended that Moore step out of the race, on allegations that have surfaced against Senator Al Franken, he is calling for an investigation, according to The Hill, in line with what Franken himself has requested. Moore has indicated that he finds disparity in the handling of the two cases, though Franken’s accuser says she accepts his apology and does not want him removed from his position.

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