Wendy Williams’ Fainting Video Called Fake, Funny, Anorexia Result, Or TIA Transient Ischemic Attack [Video]

Viewers of the Wendy Williams Show, or at least viewers of the Wendy Williams’ fainting video, are taking to social media to express their reasons why they think Wendy passed out on live TV. Many viewers don’t think Williams fainted at all, but they are ascribing different health issues to Wendy’s odd episode that featured Wendy saying the wrong words, appearing confused, stumbling backward, and ultimately falling to the ground on the live show that aired Tuesday, October 31. As seen in the video showing Wendy fainting on live TV from the New York Post, the studio audience didn’t seem sure as to what was transpiring as Wendy’s eyes widened, and she flailed her arms to the side. Ultimately, the live TV cut to black before returning for a quick segment that only showed the audience clapping.

Eventually, Wendy returned, saying that she was okay and claiming that she fainted on live TV from overheating due to the Lady Liberty costume she was wearing. However, a scroll through the now-trending Wendy Williams topic on Twitter proves that viewers seem to think there’s something else going on with Wendy’s health. Williams was recently the subject of plenty of rumors, as reported by the Inquisitr when the Daily Mail alleged that Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, was engaging in a 10-year affair with another woman that he was allegedly so close to that the duo shared a mailbox.

However, Wendy soon clapped back against all those rumors of adultery, claiming that the woman in question was simply a friend of the family and that the affair notions were lies. One thing noticeable in the photos like those below from the Daily Mail, which captured Wendy and Kevin on a beach vacation, was how thin Wendy’s legs appeared. Some social media users have jumped on Williams’ thin frame, claiming that Wendy likely fainted because she’s not eating enough. Wendy has famously treated her viewers to her weight loss steps in the past and has shared the manner in which she changed her eating habits to drop pounds from her body.

Other social media users are calling Wendy’s fainting episode a fake stunt, while other Williams fans are taking the episode much more seriously. Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph wrote on Twitter that she believes Wendy appeared to have a TIA, or a Transient Ischemic Attack episode, which is defined as a “mini-stroke” that should be taken seriously and treated with caution. Ralph warned that the incident could have been more than a simple fainting episode.

Also, some Twitter users are alternately calling Wendy’s fainting video either a hoax or karma that’s funny to watch. Williams notoriously has her share of haters because certain viewers believe Wendy exposes the “dirty laundry” of celebrities without exposing her own dirt.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen]