Woman Driver Killed As Boy, 12, Lands On Her Car After Jumping Off I-66 Overpass In Suicide Attempt

A 22-year-old woman is dead, and a boy, 12, who attempted suicide by jumping off a highway overpass is fighting for his life in this double tragedy that occurred on a Virginia interstate Saturday. The unnamed 12-year-old boy jumped off a highway overpass, but he landed on a car below, killing the driver at the scene. The woman driver, who was incapacitated upon impact, had a passenger in the car who managed to grab the steering wheel and pull the car over on the highway.

Marisa W. Harris died when the unnamed boy landed on her car when he jumped off the Cedar Lane overpass in Virginia. Harris, who was driving a 2005 Ford Escape, died on the scene, according to People Magazine.

The passenger traveling with Harris was not injured, but the 12-year-old boy who attempted suicide with this jump is in the hospital with "life-threatening injuries." His name was not released due to his age and the nature of this incident. According to the Daily Mail, this incident occurred at 4:18 p.m. on Saturday.

According to WTOP News, the boy jumped from that Fairfax County overpass that travels above Interstate 66. Harris was driving east on the interstate near Nutley Street, according to the state police in Virginia.

When the boy landed on the car, the impact instantly incapacitated Harris, prompting the 23-year-old male passenger to grab the wheel and steer the car onto the side of the interstate. The incident closed the highway between Nutley Street and Gallows Road for several hours as police investigated the scene.

Harris, who attended college in Virginia, but whose home was in Olney, Maryland, came from a family with a long line of people who work in the psychology field. She was in the process of earning her master's degree in clinical counseling at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. Friends and family of Marisa said her gift was working with kids who have behavioral issues - "severe behavioral problems" - describes People.

Her father spoke with People.

"She was fearless, she was absolutely fearless. She was loved by her friends, she was dearly loved by her family, she was admired by her peers, she was just a shining star."
Her mother also talked with the news outlet.
"She was -- awesome. I miss her so much"
Comments left on the People Magazine article were expressing their sadness for both Harris and the boy. A few comments inquired why the boy's plight was not mentioned. One comment asked, "Is no one going to say anything about how tragic it is that a 12 yr. old boy was trying to kill himself?"
Another person who left a comment noted the irony on the population that Harris chose to work with and how she died.
"How ironic: getting a degree in behavioral issues, to be killed by a child who killed himself. How tragic."
This was a tragedy for both Harris and the 12-year-old boy. To be so young and feel the level of despair that would bring this boy to make a serious attempt at killing himself is a tragedy. For Harris to have such a promising future and leave this world at such a young age is a tragedy that cannot be described with mere words.

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