Carina Rodriguez Murder Update: CCTV Shows Victim Letting Suspect In Apartment Gym Before Fatal Stabbing

The latest update on Carina Rodriguez’s murder investigation involves surveillance video of her final moments before being stabbed to death, apparently by a drifter in the Indiana town.

Indianapolis police released partial footage obtained from the luxury apartment complex gym where Carina Rodriguez was working out when she was attacked by 25-year-old Cody Weir on Friday. The 23-year-old single mom (some sources list her age as 22) was alone at the time she was brutally murdered, but police believe they have enough evidence to prosecute the suspect.

People magazine obtained documents that showed a man police believe to be Weir approaching the locked door to the facility at 9 On Canal apartments in the downtown section of the city. Surveillance video shows Rodriguez letting him into the gym at 2:44 a.m.

Weir proceeds to the water fountain and takes a drink. One minute later, he is seen departing the facility after a brief struggle with the murder victim. Rodriguez is seen standing and staggering to her iPad as she attempts to use it. However, she collapses at 2:49 a.m. before completing her actions, according to reports.

According to Fox 8‘s reporting, a resident of the apartments arrived at the second-story gym for an early morning workout about 6:30 a.m. There, they found Carina Rodriguez unresponsive and lying in a pool of blood. Authorities arrived a short time later, after the 911 call and pronounced Rodriguez dead at the scene.

Investigators obtained surveillance video from the lobby of the building and released it to the public for help in identifying the suspect. A person recognized Weir from the footage, contacted him by phone and convinced him to meet them at a local Best Buy parking lot where police arrested him without incident.


Authorities said Weir confessed to stabbing and killing Carina Rodriguez, saying that he has little memory of the crime. He admitted being angry at the time and recalled needing water in an effort to “calm himself down.”

“I think I knocked on it, and she let me in, and I told her ‘thank you.’ I had a knife in my hand. I remember hitting her and then I ran.”


Indianapolis Metro Police Department Chief Bryan Roach held a news conference with an update to Carina Rodriguez’s murder investigation. He detailed the moments leading to the suspect’s arrest — highlighting his demeanor — and expressed assurance that he was the lone culprit behind the grisly murder.

“You could tell he knew why we were there. [He was] tearful at one point, knew it was happening, knew it was coming, I think.”

A search of the suspect’s Grand Prix vehicle turned up a possible murder weapon and other items with traces of blood. The belongings were bagged as evidence and sent to a forensics lab for testing.

Authorities assigned to the murder investigation believe Weir was homeless and had no connection to the stabbing victim. He entered a not-guilty plea and is incarcerated without bond at this time.


Carina Rodriguez recently settled in Indiana after leaving Texas behind to “begin a new life with her young son,” according to reports. She was pursuing a college education in the medical field at the time of her untimely murder.

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