Melania Trump Decoy Double On October 13? Claims Of A Fake Melania Decoy Surge 250 Percent On Google [Photos]

Curious terms about First Lady Melania Trump have begun trending on Google within the past hour. "Melania Trump double" is one search term that has exploded, up 250 percent. "Melania Trump decoy" is up 90 percent, while "Melania decoy" is up 80 percent. "Fake Melania" searches have risen 70 percent. Why are people searching for news about Melania's decoy? Well, photos and videos being shared on Facebook have people wondering aloud if a fake Melania is being used to stand next to President Donald Trump, wearing a fake nose and the ever present dark sunglasses Melania has worn lately. Facebook users and video viewers are comparing the nose of the woman they claim is the fake Melania decoy with the real Melania, and noticing a difference, even in the "decoy Melania's" mannerism.

Could it be that Melania has hired a stand-in decoy to fulfill her first lady duties when Melania doesn't want to stand next to President Trump? That's what people who don't normally fall for conspiracy theories are asking. The below video shows an alleged Melania decoy who doesn't say a word, but simply nods like Melania would next to President Trump.

Viewers are comparing the hair of the Melania decoy to the real Melania's hair and noticing a difference.

Buzz about the fake Melania decoy has lit up Facebook, with people listing all sorts of commentary about why President Trump might use a Melania decoy to appear in public. Theories range from the real Melania wanting to spend more time at home in the White House or other places to the truly sinister options. Either way, the differences in the alleged fake Melania double have become so noticeable and pronounced to some people that they are not letting it go, and are comparing photos of videos of the woman they claim is the real Melania to the fake Melania stand-in decoy.

Melania Trump fake decoy conspiracy theory.
[Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Users are comparing photos of President Trump and Melania as they left the White House on Friday, October 13, to other photos of the couple in their quest to determine if the Melania decoy is fake news birthed from outlandish conspiracy theories or a real Melania body double who boarded Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House that day as President Trump and Melania visited the U.S. Secret Service training facility in Beltsville, Maryland.

[Feature Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]