‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s Nightmares Spark Revelation About Drew Q’s Fate

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal this week will be a rough one for reformed serial killer Franco (Roger Howarth). On Monday, October 16, Franco wakes from a nightmare and is stunned to find his childhood pal Drew Quartermaine (McDonell twins) there in front of him. Of course, he’s not awake since as far as Franco knows, Drew is dead, but the dream leads him down the path to a new revelation about the fate of his tiny BFF from decades ago. Franco needs answers and needs them fast.

Franco’s nightmares trigger questions

GH spoilers show us that after the nightmares, Franco can’t let go of the feeling that another shoe is waiting to drop on him. Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) saw his alarming sketches of two boys and is certain this obsession might spell trouble. But who can Franco turn to for answers? Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) lied to Franco and told him the kid was dead, but Franco also knows he can’t trust his parents.

The problem is his parents are the only resources that he has in this matter. On Tuesday, October 17, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central promise that Franco is frustrated when he can’t figure out why the memory of a dead friend from his childhood won’t let him go. The last thing Franco wants is to turn dark and alienate Liz. Plus, he doesn’t want to slip into bad habits that might put Liz and her boys in danger.

So gangster. ????????

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Scotty knows more than he’s saying

Also on Tuesday, Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) gets the wrong idea when Franco comes to him with more questions about Drew. Scott has been hedging all along about the secret kid and clearly knows more than he’s saying. Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) refuses to talk to Franco about the kid, and Betsy flat out lied under orders from Franco’s other mom. Can Franco crack Scotty’s veneer and get his dad to reveal something helpful?

Soaps She Knows offers General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 18, that Franco makes a plea to try and get the truth he needs to put his mind at ease. Franco knows his three parents are conspiring to keep something from him about Drew, and he can’t drop this quest until he shakes the truth out of one of them. Meanwhile, Liz has no idea the depths to which this twin thing has shaken Franco. He has to get the answers he needs.

Patient 6 in Port Charles – two Jasons tale hits home

GH spoilers reveal two thugs try and stop Patient 6 (Steve Burton) from getting on the bus to Port Charles, but the Stone Cold mystery man finally hits PC. It’s the anniversary of his death five years ago, on October 19, when Jason returns home. Too bad home isn’t what it used to be. Things don’t go well for Jason at Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) place and get worse when he goes to Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) penthouse.

Jason discovers Sam is married to another Jason that looks nothing like him and decides to go into hiding until he figures out who stole his life and why. That same day, Franco wonders if he’s his own worst enemy after everyone pressures him to let the Drew Quartermaine twin thing go. But he can’t and won’t. The demons chasing Franco are real, and until he can lay them to rest, he won’t know peace. It won’t be much longer before Franco realizes his parents lied to him and Drew Q is alive and already back in his life. Check back for more General Hospital spoilers.

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