‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patient 6 Is Certain He’s Jason Morgan

General Hospital spoilers hint that it will be another week before Patient 6 (Steve Burton) makes it to Port Charles on the anniversary of Jason Morgan’s “death” on October 19. Despite that delay, GH is dropping clues daily that make it seem certain that the mystery man is Jason Morgan. On the Tuesday, October 10, episode of the ABC soap, Burton’s character dropped four major hints that he is Jason and not Drew Quartermaine, the previously unknown twin of Stone Cold.

1. He’s a coffee importer

Traveling companion Huxley Lynch (Trent Dawson) finally got the stoic Six to speak up about his life prior to finding himself on the boat. Burton’s dialog included him telling Huxley that he’s “been on lots of freighters,” prompting the Brit to ask if he’s a sailor. Then Six said he was a coffee importer. We don’t know anything about Drew Q, but we know for sure that Jason was the partner of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) in his coffee importing business. That’s hint one.

2. He owns a casino

After Huxley proposed playing poker to pass the time, on Tuesday’s GH, the Englishman was stunned to find him bested every time by his mystery companion, even though Huxley was using marked cards. Huxley told Six that he has a “poker face for the ages” and accused him of counting cards. Six pointed out the marks on the cards and confided that he “owns shares in a casino” and that sounds like Jason too. Jason was also Sonny’s partner at the casino down in Puerto Rico. That’s hint two.

3. He’s a man of many talents

Today’s General Hospital showed frustrated Huxley reminding Six he said he was a coffee importer, not a casino owner. The muscular man in black replied, “I’m both,” leaving Huxley mystified. How likely is it someone else, besides Jason Morgan, has both these jobs? There are also the talents Six demonstrated on the freighter. He crept out of the storage compartment to lurk unseen around the ship and also easily spotted Huxley hiding, showing off his hit-man skills. That’s hint three.

4. He’s got offshore accounts

In the final hand of poker, when Huxley gambled his lucky watch, the stone cold stranger refused to take the winnings from the Brit saying, “I don’t need the money.” Huxley teased Six and asked if he had a Swiss bank account. Six quipped back that he had an account in Zurich and the Grand Keys. Dip back into this 1999 General Hospital recap transcript and you’ll see that Jason was visiting the Grand Keys to do business at his offshore bank. Jason and Six both bank in the Caribbean? That’s hint four.

If Burton’s not Jason, he sure thinks he is…

The reasons keep piling up for us to believe that Steve Burton is Jason Morgan returned from the “dead.” So far, Patient 6 has shown no signs of memory loss or confusion about who he is but just hasn’t told anyone his name. He knew the phone numbers of Sonny’s secret safe line and Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) cell phone and today’s GH showed four more undeniable clues that Burton is Stone Cold. What’s clear here is that Burton’s character, Patient 6, is certain that he’s Jason Morgan.

Experiments, not a swap, likely to blame

But then again, Billy Miller’s character is also certain he’s Jason and has memories of his past with Sam. We also know, from medical records, that Drew and Jason were not swapped when Jason was in the car crash in 1995 nor anytime between then and 2011. Other GH spoilers tell us that a simple fingerprint test will reveal who is Jason that “died” in 2012 and who is the missing twin Drew Quartermaine. But even knowing for certain which is which, both men believe they are Jason.

Spoilers from GH Spy say that Patient 6 gains some understanding next week. Rumors say Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) did something to the men, so both think they’re Jason. Once Jason gets to town, he won’t run to Sam according to hints from a recent interview with Steve Burton — despite that very misleading promo ABC released Monday. But still, a confrontation is slated for November sweeps and the two Jasons need to face each other down and figure out the truth. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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