‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patient 6 Won’t Run To Sam Or Sonny – ‘GH’ Burton Interview Reveals Twist [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers from this week’s soap magazines reveal a twist coming to the ABC soap once Patient 6 (Steve Burton) lands in Port Charles. Unfounded GH rumors have run wild promising that Burton, whom everyone assumes is the real Jason Morgan, will hop off the cargo freighter and run right to Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco). A new GH promo released on Twitter also teases they’ll be together soon. But Steve Burton dropped some big (and probably unintentional) spoilers in an interview with ABC Soaps in Depth that promise the mystery man will lurk in the shadows in Port Charles for a while trying to figure out who’s the imposter (Billy Miller) that stole his life.

New GH video promo misleads fans

Lately, the ABC soap has been misleading fans with promos and hints that are frustrating many judging by comments on social media. First, there was the misdirect that hinted at Patient 6 being Nikolas Cassadine when Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) cut his hand and dripped it on the family tree. There was also the stuff about how Patient 6 was shot and fell into the water just like Nikolas. That didn’t pan out, and it’s obvious that Patient 6 is Jason – or thinks that he is Jason but may have been brainwashed.

The latest GH spoiler promo which came out this morning shows Patient 6 in Port Charles looking for his family. The voice-over on the video says “Someone he left behind is about to come face to face with the past” and then it’s overcut with the shocked faces of Sam, Carly (Laura Wright), Sonny (Maurice Benard), Monica (Leslie Charleson), and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).


The video also has Sam saying, “Ever since I lost Jason, things have been different” and then her husband tells her, “Let’s go see our future” as he prepares to open the door to what looks like office space. GH spoilers hint that Jason wants to make their PI business official and this might be where they set up shop. The next shot of the promo has Patient 6 opening a door and calling out, “Is anybody home?” and it looks like he’s in Sonny’s house, but the implication is he’s about to see Sam and her husband. But according to Steve Burton, it will be a few weeks before he’s with Sam – or anyone else he knows.

Steve Burton – General Hospital interview with SID

In this week’s ABC SID, Steve Burton spilled some big tea on Patient 6’s comeback to Port Charles. As of Friday, October 6, the formerly-masked man was trapped on a slow-moving freighter heading from St. Petersburg, Russia to New York. He ran into Huxley Lynch (Trent Dawson), the guy that held Nikolas Cassadine (then Nick Stabile) and Ava Jerome (Maura West) hostage at his country estate in England. Now the guy has run into trouble and is on the run. Huxley won’t be around too long but touches on the story of the two Jasons, foreshadowed by Sam’s penny.

GH spoilers for next week from Soap Central promise Patient 6 will be on the boat this week and hits land next week. In fact, Patient 6 will arrive October 19, the five-year anniversary of his “death” on the planks at Pier 52. But if you expect “Jason” to run right into Sam’s arms, think again. In fact, according to Steve Burton, it will likely be November before we see Patient 6 reunited with any of his old families and friends. SID asked Burton, “Have you started taping with any of them yet?” referring to Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, Rebecca Herbst, Kelly Monaco, and Chad Duell.

Burton told SID, “I haven’t. It’s cool though. It’s making the audience say, ‘Get in there. Let’s go,'” and this contradicts the brand-new promo video. GH wants us to think the reunion is happening ASAP, but timing is everything. A reader asked ABC Soaps in Depth on Twitter when the interview took place. SID replied that they spoke to him “about a week” before the issue came out. The issue was out October 6 and a week before that is the end of September – with a four week ahead shooting schedule, that means as of early November, there’s still no Patient 6 scenes with the key players.

Patient 6 reveal in Port Charles blows up November sweeps

It makes perfect sense that General Hospital is holding back until November sweeps the big reveal of Jason’s old face to his past friends and family in Port Charles. The takeaway from all this is – don’t get too excited by the new GH promo or the rumor mongers shouting about a confrontation between Jason and Jason coming soon. It’s not happening for a while – GH will string us along for a while yet to try and ramp up ratings for sweeps. That promo was mostly old footage which is a common tactic from ABC.

They use old scenes add a voice over to mislead us. Nothing was new except the scene of Sam and her husband at one door and Steve Burton opening the other door. But the doors aren’t at the same place. If you know your GH scenery, you will recognize Sam and Jason (Miller) are at an office door while Patient 6 is opening a patio door. We can expect a few more weeks of Patient 6 lurking in the shadows of Port Charles and for the reveal to come in November along with more shocking Cassadine drama. Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers.

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