‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Fingerprints Key To Sorting Out Quartermaine Twins, Not DNA

General Hospital spoilers hint that the answer to sorting out who is Drew Quartermaine and who is Jason Morgan is deceptively simple. Everyone has been hung up on DNA, scars on the brain, and testing the kids to try and tell which character is Steve Burton and which is Billy Miller. But the answer is an easy one – just don’t expect GH to reveal it too soon. They will drag this out for weeks – remember how long it took for the ABC soap to finally tell us Jake Doe was Jason Morgan? It was months after fans figured it out. Expect the same sort of frustrating delay with the Jason versus Drew “mystery.”

Patient 6 in Port Charles next week – but no big reveal til sweeps

There have been some critical GH spoilers unearthed recently. The first is that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) won’t arrive in Port Charles until October 19. That’s the five-year anniversary of his death. That info leaked last week, and then it was essentially confirmed on the Monday, October 9 episode of the soap when Patient 6 made a big deal to Huxley Lynch (Trent Dawson) about the date, and it is five years that he’s been out of touch. The slow boat will land in PC late next week, and Patient 6 will be at Pier 52, where Jason “died” on October 19.

The next thing to realize is that Patient 6 won’t run straight to Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) or anyone else that Jason knows. In a Steve Burton interview with Soap Opera Digest, he spilled key details. The magazine confirmed they interviewed him one week before the issue came out on Friday, October 6. So as of the end of September, Burton said he had filmed no scenes with Kelly Monaco, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, Rebecca Herbst, or Chad Duell. Plus, GH is on break right now for a week. That means the earliest Burton could film scenes with them is next week, which would mean an airdate of mid to late November – right in time for sweeps.

GH promo tries to fool fans into thinking reveal comes soon

To make things more aggravating for fans, the ABC soap released a promo on Monday that made it look like Patient 6 is about to pop by Sam’s penthouse and say “hi.” However, observant GH fans noted on Twitter when Jason (Billy Miller) went out on the balcony to take a call from Julian Jerome (William deVry), the doorknobs on the penthouse are long handles. The knobs in the promo are round. Burton was on a different set – perhaps at Sonny’s house or somewhere else entirely. There are no Burton and Monaco scenes coming next week or any week in October – you can’t trust GH promos!

It will be November sweeps before Burton shows his face to anyone who knew old Jason. Until then, he’ll keep out of sight. Why? Patient 6 will spot Sam and her husband together and will then hear her call him “Jason,” so he knows something is not right. Six needs to sort all this out before he makes a move to claim his wife. There will be a few weeks of Burton lurking in the shadows in Port Charles trying to figure out who he is, who’s the other guy calling himself Jason, and what happened over the past five years. The key to sorting out identities is in the palm of his hands.

DNA won’t help decide who’s Drew and who is Jason

General Hospital spoilers are down to simple biology. Genetic science tells us that identical twins have identical DNA, but their fingerprints are unique. Carly had Jake Doe’s DNA tested against one from Jason (Burton) in the criminal database. It matched perfectly – as it would because they are identical twins, although now they have different faces thanks to plastic surgery. But there’s one thing that can’t be changed with plastic surgery: your fingerprints.

Soap Central GH recaps from 2014 remind us that Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) ran Jake Doe’s fingerprints through the system and got a hit, but then the file was gone. Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) had deleted them from the system. However, Dante was running the fingerprints through CODIS, which is pretty funny because CODIS only tracks DNA, not fingerprints. That was sloppy writing over at ABC. The national fingerprint system is called IAFIS, but the writers probably heard CODIS on a cop show and decided to use the term without knowing what it meant.

Fingerprints are everything

The bottom line is that Helena removed Jason’s fingerprints from the digital system, but there’s always good old paper. Think about how many times Jason Morgan was arrested by the PCPD even though they never managed to keep him in jail for too long. All they need to do is pull out a paper file of one of Jason Morgan’s arrests before he was “killed” in 2012 and compare Patient 6 and new Jason’s fingerprints to the police files. That will tell them which of the two men is Jason and which is the twin Drew Quartermaine. But how long will it take GH to test and reveal? Who knows?

Paternity testing the three kids Jason has — Jake, Danny, and Scout — won’t help since the twins have matching DNA, and the test results should show that either of them could be the father of any of the kids. Frank Valentini said that Burton’s initial return plot would last nine months; since he showed up in mid-September, it could realistically be May sweeps before GH finally confirms which actor is Drew and which is Stone Cold. They could sort it out with five minutes at the PCPD, but it’s a safe bet it won’t be that easy and will take much longer than it should. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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