Missing 15-Day-Old Georgia Baby Caliyah McNabb Found Dead In Woods Behind Home, Father Flees Scene

A Georgia family has confirmed that the body of a 15-day-old baby girl reported missing on Saturday has been found in a duffel bag in the woods behind her family’s home. Investigators have yet to determine a cause of death in the case of little Caliyah McNabb, nor has an official suspect been named in the case. However, as ABC News reports the infant’s 27-year-old father was apprehended on Sunday and charged with a probation violation on Sunday night, just hours after being named a person of interest in his 15-day-old daughter’s death.

Caliyah McNabb was reported missing at about 10:00 a.m. on Saturday when her parents called 911 and authorities that she had disappeared from her bed sometime between a 5:00 a.m. feeding and when they awoke roughly five hours later. Investigators with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office immediately treated the disappearance as a potential homicide or kidnapping, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, because of the 15-day-old infant’s age.

“A 15-day-old child obviously didn’t leave by themselves.”

Police responded to the scene of the reported disappearance with a large search team, including dogs, and quickly mounted a search spanning out in a two-mile radius from the family’s home at the Eagle Point trailer park in Covington, Georgia. It was during this search that an unnamed family member of 15-day-old Caliyah McNabb found the infant’s tiny body hidden in a duffel bag in the woods.

Authorities claim that it was at nearly the same time that his daughter’s body was found that 27-year-old Christopher McNabb fled the scene, reportedly jumping from his girlfriend’s vehicle and running away. The Georgia father was apprehended some hours later at a local convenience store, charged with a probation violation related to a previous burglary case and taken into custody. The infant’s mother was questioned by police and later released.

“He was attempting to make an escape. He was running but the units were able to intercept him and arrest him.”

According to Newton County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Keith Crum, detectives do not yet have probable cause to charge anyone in connection with the death of Caliyah McNabb. The investigation, however, is ongoing. After her body was discovered, the baby’s grandfather spoke out about his infant granddaughter. According to Tim Bell, he’s hurting “like I have never hurt before.” The last time the little girl was seen alive, she was sleeping next to her 2-year-old sister.


“She was so little. She was just precious. From the first time you pick them up, there’s love there. That love is broken. It hurts like I have never hurt before.”

As of Monday, 11 Alive reports that detectives investigating the disappearance and death of little Caliyah McNabb claim that they have finished interviewing her father and that he has not been charged in connection with her death. An autopsy is scheduled to be completed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in coming days, and according to spokesman Crum, no charges in the case are expected until a cause of death can be determined.

Christopher McNabb remains in custody on charges related to his alleged probation violation.


[Featured Image by Newton County Sheriff’s Department]