World War 3: Britain Planning To Join Donald Trump’s War Against North Korea

A nuclear World War 3 is the stuff of most people’s nightmares, but it seems that the threat of war between the United States and North Korea becomes more real every day. As reported by the Inquisitr, U.S. President Donald Trump launched another Twitter attack on North Korea last weekend. As a result, fears that World War 3 may be just around the corner were escalated once again. Over the past week, Trump’s messages have made it clear that he sees only one way to deal with North Korea, and it seems that military action is his preferred option.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un responded to President Trump’s threats by praising the hermit nation’s nuclear weapons program, and by threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. Russia recently warned the Trump administration that North Korea is preparing to test an intercontinental missile capable of delivering a nuclear payload to the west coast of the U.S. mainland. According to the Telegraph, North Korea may conduct that test as early as tomorrow.

There is no sign that either North Korea or the U.S. is prepared to back down, and now it seems that the United Kingdom is drawing up plans for military action against North Korea. The Daily Mail reports that the U.K. is preparing to send an aircraft carrier strike force to support the U.S. should war break out on the Korean peninsula.

World War 3 Queen Elizabeth
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There is, however, one very large problem with Britain’s aircraft carrier capabilities. The U.K.’s only aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is not ready for a fight. The Royal Navy has only just taken delivery of the 65,000-ton ship, and it is currently conducting sea trials. The second aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, is currently under construction and years away from completion.

Britain’s aircraft carriers also lack the one thing that makes an aircraft carrier an effective fighting force. They have no aircraft, and unbelievably they are not due to have any until 2023, a full six years from now. Should World War 3 become a reality, Britain’s Royal Navy has another huge problem, it does not have the capability to protect its aircraft carrier. As reported by the Daily Express, the Royal Navy has just 19 surface ships, six destroyers, and 13 frigates. This could mean that HMS Queen Elizabeth would need to be protected by surface ships from other nations.

In the event of World War 3, this could mean that HMS Queen Elizabeth could fly American aircraft while being protected by NATO warships.

For now, we must wait to see what North Korea will do next. If Kim Jong-un does test a long-range nuclear missile over the Pacific, it seems that Donald Trump is prepared to react with military force. If that happens, the specter of World War 3 will loom large.

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