Trump Tweets On Puerto Rico: ‘No One Could Have Done What I’ve Done,’ Prompts Anger On Twitter

President Donald J. Trump tweeted a defense Sunday night of his response to the crisis in Puerto Rico, which has been loudly criticized by his opponents. Trump criticized “fake news” and tweeted a video showing FEMA operations to distribute food and water along with slow-motion footage of the President being praised by the citizens of Puerto Rico.

“No one could have done what I’ve done with so little appreciation.”

As expected, whenever the president takes to Twitter, the response was one of incredulity and anger at what people see as more evidence of Trump’s lack of care for the United States’ territory. Donald Trump is widely held by his critics to be self-centered and egotistical and if Twitter is any indication, this tweet did little to change their opinion.

Puerto Rico is still mostly without power and water after Hurricane Maria brought historic devastation to the territory. In his first tweets about the damage to Puerto Rico, the president took the opportunity to remind the struggling island about it’s crippling debt to Wall Street.

This latest tweet is just days after the latest public relations disaster when Trump adopted a Spanish accent to say “Puerto Rico,” which many have claimed was blatantly racist. The Donald also defended himself after a video of him throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans at a press conference surfaced, saying that he was just “having fun.”

Trump meets with leaders in Puerto Rico
President Trump meets with Puerto Ricans to survey the damage after Hurricane Maria. [Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

The responses on Twitter were filled with anger and dismay at what people see as claiming undeserved credit before a bad situation is finished being dealt with.


Trump’s Puerto Rico Problem

The Trump administration is having a hard time dealing with the situation in Puerto Rico. It has taken more than two weeks for some parts of Puerto Rico to receive aid after Hurricane Maria knocked out access to power and clean water in the struggling territory.

Puerto Rico has long hoped for statehood. Some believe that the tragic loss inflicted by Hurricane Maria could help pave the way towards Puerto Rico becoming the 51st U.S. State. Others are less hopeful and see the Trump administration’s response as insulting and careless.

One of the incident’s pointed to by his detractors is the recent video showing Trump affecting a Spanish accent talking about Puerto Rico at a Spanish heritage event.

The Puerto Rico death toll has doubled to 34 after the storm.

[Featured image by Evan Vucci/ AP Images]