Unidentified Bodies From Las Vegas Shooting Still Remain As Carnage Hinders Process

As of Wednesday afternoon, Fox News reports there are still three bodies from the Las Vegas shooting that have not been identified. A Fox News anchor reports that the identification has been taxing as a few of the bodies were in a condition that hindered the identification process. Friends and families of those at the concert who could not get in touch with their loved ones have gone through a horrific few days.

Some family and friends of victims have gotten good news — their loved one is alive, but others got the most devastating news to come out of this massacre — their loved one was among the dead. USA Today is also reporting there are still three bodies that remain unidentified, with people still flying into Las Vegas for the identification process.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the hospital medical teams were seeing wounds on these victims that are rarely seen in this nation. These wounds were more deadly than the gunshot wounds of the drive-by shootings out of the big cities in the U.S. seen all too often. The automatic rifles used by the Las Vegas shooter were so powerful that they left gaping holes in the victims’ bodies.

At several area hospitals where the shooting victims were transported, the blood was everywhere, reports medical staff. The hospital emergency room at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center smelled like blood. It is described by one of the nurses as the smell of “iron.” A trauma nurse named Renae Huening rushed to the hospital when she got word of the shooting. She “followed a trail of blood” that led into the hospital, she said.

The medical professionals were standing in pools of blood and slipping and sliding in that blood as they worked on patients. Pediatric surgeons were operating on adults and obstetricians were attending to the trauma patients. There was no time to officially identify people and in some cases, those without identification were just assigned names. “Even the hardiest of medical professionals acknowledged being rattled,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Those most in danger were the victims who took direct hits, others were hit with bullets that had either ricocheted or passed through someone else’s body first. As grisly as that sounds, those wounds weren’t as devastating as the wounds that were a result of a direct hit, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Most of the shooting victims have been identified and the heartwrenching task of family members flying into Nevada to escort the bodies of their loved ones home is in the process today. As USA Today reports, after the identification process of the shooting victim, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, and children of the victims were left with the horrendous task of claiming their loved ones remains.

The death toll stands at 59, with 500 people still recovering from various degrees of injuries today. While many of the injured were shot, some were hurt in the panic while trying to escape the bullets whizzing by the concert goers. As Neil Cavuto said on air on Fox News Wednesday afternoon, “the frantic rush” went on as no one knew where the bullets were coming from. People were trampled on trying to get away from this massacre that has put the entire country in some degree of mourning today.

[Featured Image by Chris Carlson/AP Images]