Milo Yiannopoulos Says Forget Gay Marriage — ‘Gays Should Be More Concerned About Radical Islam’

Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has spoken out saying that he doesn’t care about gay marriage and that gays in the West should be more concerned about the threat of radical Islam.

Milo has previously given speeches saying that Islam is going to destroy Europe and that the open border dreams of leaders like Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel pose a grave threat to the West and the ideals of free speech, freedom of belief, equality, and separation of church and state.

In the new clip, the self-styled “Dangerous Fa**ot” is asked for his views on gay marriage. Yiannopoulos states that there are much bigger fights facing gay people.

Yiannopoulos reflects that while he probably would marry a boyfriend that he loves, he doesn’t mind if he can’t and he is much more concerned about Islam, with its open hostility to gay people and to freedom in general.

Yiannopoulos has previously spoken with horror about the way gays or suspected gays are treated in some Islamic countries. Milo recalled reports about the stoning of gays and incidents where homosexuals were thrown to their deaths from buildings or bridges by Islamists.

Milo talks about the historic role gay people have played as provocateurs and figures of outrage in the western world. Yiannopoulos explains that this is something he cherishes, and he sees the regressive left in western nations as a threat to this.

The clampdown on words like “fa**ot” and “dy*e,” for example, is a hindrance to people like him who would love to use such words and hear them used to comic effect. Milo has previously said that the use of the word “gay” to refer to something stupid does not offend him, and he would love to bring it back.

Yiannopoulos has said that he agrees with the idea that gays are too coddled by the mainstream left and that this has come at a cost. Gays used to relish their role on the fringe, as the ones who can say offensive things and “stumble out of a club at 3 am with a d**k in every orifice,” says Yiannopoulos. But these days, gays are so coddled by left-wingers eager to give them everything they want that the culture has simply stopped throwing up figures like him, according to Milo.

Many have been alarmed by the ideas of the free speech warrior, who will defend anti-semitic and homophobic remarks despite the fact that he is Jewish and openly gay. Milo says that free speech is what makes America and the West great and defending free speech means defending even those ideas that are offensive and those ideas that you disagree with.

Milo Yiannopoulos [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Milo is equally willing to make controversial remarks about lesbians. He has claimed in his Breitbart columns that there is an epidemic of violence in the lesbian community.

“Lesbian violence is poorly understood because it is poorly researched, and poorly researched because it makes the gay lobby deeply uncomfortable. We’re not supposed to admit that any kind of gay relationship might have a dark side. It’s all unicorns and Mariah Carey, as far as charities, politicians and the media are concerned.”

“If lesbians are offended that some people don’t want them to adopt or have their own kids, perhaps they ought to stop kicking the s**t out of each other,” Milo wrote in a provocative piece called “Attack of the Killer Dy*es.”

Milo told his Facebook followers that in the future we will see more stories like that of Millie Fontana, who spoke out saying that it was difficult being raised by two lesbians and she wished she had a dad, as reported by Daily Mail.

Milo, who is British, has done most of his touring and speaking on American campuses. He calls America the greatest country in the world.

Milo has compared himself to Alexis de Tocqueville, another foreigner who traveled to America and provided an outsider perspective, reminding Americans to value what is great about their free and prosperous nation.

Milo is also a vocal critic of feminism and provoked outrage with his slogan “feminism is cancer.” He claims that every woman he knows who bought into the feminist ideology is now in her 30s, alone and desperate for a boyfriend, surrounded by just a few cats and a group of catty friends she can’t stand.

“If women want to ruin their lives with a pill and a string of unsatisfying one night stands, that is up to them. And I will always be here to comfort their lonely ex-boyfriends…”

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