Andrew MacCormack Arrested In Death Of Wife, 30-Year-Old Vanessa MacCormack: See 'Andrew Mac' Facebook Photos

The death of 30-year-old Vanessa MacCormack sent shockwaves through Facebook, as people who knew and loved Vanessa wrote RIP wishes on social media, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now that Vanessa's husband, Andrew MacCormack, has been arrested in connection with the death of Vanessa, folks are looking more into the life of MacCormack and her husband, along with Andrew's "Andrew Mac" Facebook account and photos.

As reported by Newser, Andrew was arrested on Tuesday and charged with killing Vanessa. Andrew and MacCormack were married only two years at the point when she was found dead. The 29-year-old Andrew, according to MassLive, is believed to have been the culprit who beat Vanessa badly inside the home of the couple, which can be seen in crime photos and on Facebook, when they celebrated moving in. Andrew contacted 911 on Saturday to report Vanessa's death. MacCormack suffered from trauma to her head and injuries to her neck, along with asphyxiation. It is believed that Andrew attempted to clean up the crime scene and get rid of incriminating items before MacCormack was scene walking around crying and shaking and blaming Vanessa's death on someone else.

"What am I going to do without her? I can't believe somebody … did this to her."

According to the Boston Globe, MacCormack's death was attributed to domestic violence. Despite Andrew crying and shaking in front of witnesses, the man who studied criminal justice in college, as reported by People, was captured on security video that let authorities know that he was a suspect. A photo outside of Vanessa and Andrew's home from September 24 can be viewed via Getty Images.

Wedding photos of Andrew and Vanessa can be seen on the "Andrew Mac" Facebook page, as shown below.

MacCormack's death was mourned by people who praised Vanessa as a great teacher who had worked within the Lynn Public Schools Department for seven years.

Vanessa worked five years in Connery Elementary School, a school in Lynn, Massachusetts.

However, some of the photos seen on Andrew's Facebook page don't all appear to be complimentary, such as the below photo posted two years ago of a meme that criticizes a woman who packs her boyfriend's lunch but the food isn't good.

Another Facebook photo from four years ago showed Andrew praising Vanessa for his birthday gifts of fitness gear.

[Featured Image by Vanessa MacCormack/Facebook]