‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Mariah Risks Her Life to Save Crystal, Win Tessa’s Love

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Mariah (Camryn Grimes) is crushed to find out that Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) has her in the friend zone. Even worse, Tessa told Mariah on Wednesday’s Y&R that she sees her as “family,” which is the least romantic statement ever. Mariah just confessed to Kevin (Greg Rikaart) about her feelings, and he encouraged her to go for it. Unfortunately, Mariah finds a stone wall with the family statement, plus Tessa’s worried about Crystal (Morgan Obenreder). But Crystal’s crisis could be the key to unlocking a romance between the two young women.

Mariah plays knight in shining armor

It’s understandable that Tessa’s focus right now is on saving her sister, Crystal. Soon enough, Tessa and Mariah kidnap Alice (Tamara Clatterbuck), according to Young and the Restless spoilers from Soap Central. When Alice sees Mariah, she passes out cold from shock. Newer Y&R viewers should know that Alice doesn’t know Cassie had a twin, so to her, it seems like her dead adopted daughter has resurrected and aged to be a young adult, which is a stunner.

Given Alice’s cloudy history and attachment to Cassie, Mariah can be the key to getting Alice to do what they want to help them shut down the sex trafficking ring and hand over Crystal. Mariah will do everything she can to help save Tessa’s sister. First, it’s the right thing to do, and second, Mariah knows it will impress Tessa if she’s the one to save her sister. Mariah needs to get herself out of the “family” category and into the romantic category.

Devon needs to go, whatever happens with Tessa

While Young and the Restless spoilers indicate the romance between Tessa and Mariah will happen, even if it’s evolving slowly. However, one relationship that’s doomed is Mariah and Devon (Bryton James). Mariah’s not into Devon, no matter what happens with Tessa. It doesn’t seem that Y&R will write Mariah as a lesbian, but they will probably go with the “gender fluid” explanation where you love a person, not a gender.

Just because Mariah fell for Tessa doesn’t mean she won’t have a boyfriend in the future after her relationship with Tessa. But one thing is clear; Mariah and Devon won’t last. Mariah needs to get Devon out the door for a couple of reasons. She’s fallen for Tessa, and Devon isn’t in her heart. Also, Hilary (Mishael Morgan) will never stop harassing her about how she and Devon were soulmates that had fiery sex. Mariah is better off without that hassle.

Mariah’s sacrifice for Tessa stuns Devon

Upcoming Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Mariah goes all out to save Crystal and win Tessa, even putting her own life at risk. Mariah will be thrilled that she finally got the kind of attention from Tessa that she wants, but Devon and Noah (Robert Adamson) will be crushed. But even once Tessa finds herself attracted to Mariah after Crystal’s daring rescue, will Tessa go for it? Tessa has lots to lose by pursuing a romance with Mariah.

Since Mariah is Devon’s girlfriend, Tessa’s recording contract might be at risk. Also, Noah helped Tessa get started by putting her onstage at The Underground, which led to Devon signing her to his record label. Plus, Sharon (Sharon Case) took Tessa into her home. That means Tessa would be betraying many people and her shot at a music career by falling for Mariah. Then again, Tessa will be extremely grateful for Mariah saving her sister, so you never know what will happen.

Do you think Tessa will ditch Noah to romance his sister? Catch up on now on the latest Y&R scoop on Victor’s revenge plan, the Christian paternity reveal, and Graham’s family ties to the Abbotts. Check back often for more The Young and the Restless spoilers and news.

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