‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Graham Family Tie To Abbots – Dina, Jack, And Ashley Revenge Targets

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Graham (Max Shippee) is playing a long con and he plans to ruin all of the Abbotts including Dina (Marla Adams). Graham’s plans will soon become known. At first, he was only after Dina, but the reveal about Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) paternity will also put Jack (Peter Bergman) and other Abbotts in his sights. Graham has a lifelong grudge against Dina that will expand to other Abbotts. It’s going to get ugly in Genoa City before all is said and done. Here is what’s motivating Graham and what he’s got planned for Dina and her children.

Graham secretly hates Dina

While it seems that Graham is kind and caring when it comes to Dina, you must look deeper. Remember when Graham and Dina had that spat and he grabbed her wrist really hard? That was the one occasion when Graham let his mask slip and showed his true colors. He covered for it, but he would gleefully choke Dina if he could get away with it. This all ties back to the reveal that Graham’s mother, Myrna Bloodworth, is alive and from Genoa City. Jack told Ashley that means Graham is also local.

Not only is Graham a local guy, but Y&R spoilers promise his father is Brent Davis (Bert Kramer), the same as Graham. Before, all Graham knew was that Dina cheated with his father and wrecked his family. That meant he grew up without his dad because of the cheating – and then his father died. Graham knew Dina broke up his family and it took him years to find her and get close enough to her to launch his revenge plan. Now she’s willed her entire estate to him – and her mind is slipping. Soap Central spoilers for the soap promise that Graham knows he’s playing a “dangerous game.”

Now Graham hates Ashley too

With the recent Young and the Restless revelation that Ashley is his half-sister, Graham is now more intent on making all the Abbotts pay. He was already planning to target them to hurt Dina, but now he’s got a more specific agenda. He grew up without money or a father while Ashley got to live in the lap of luxury – along with her siblings. Graham’s rage is right below the surface, and it will become a struggle for him to keep hidden how much he hates them all. Remember what Ravi (Abhi Sinha) said?

Ravi discovered that Graham has a background in acting and it wasn’t clear why that’s important. Now Y&R viewers know he needed the acting skills so he could pass himself off as a pitiful orphan that needed her to mentor him. Graham’s acting skills are so good that he’s sold Dina hook, line, and sinker on his act. Dina has given Graham control over her life and now her financial future. Graham is getting revenge for himself and his mother who is very much alive. But how far will he take things?

Alzheimer’s or an awful scheme?

On Tuesday, Dina threatens Graham and says if he tells Ashley he knows the truth about Brent being her father, she’ll cut him out of her life. This threat triggers Graham who has worked long and hard to trick Dina into trusting him. Now he has to up his game. Even though Graham found out, he’s got a sister, that doesn’t matter – he wants Dina to pay for ruining his family. As far he sees, Ashley shouldn’t even exist. She’s part of what wrecked his family. But Y&R fans will soon be asking questions.

For instance, does Dina have Alzheimer’s or is Graham doing something to her? Is he slowly poisoning her or something similar? These questions will remain unanswered for now, but Graham has new schemes coming. It’s Graham that sent a photographer to stalk Jack and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and take photos. Y&R spoilers from Soaps She Knows reveal he’ll send the photos of Nikki and Jack kissing to Victor, but makes it look like they came from Dina but putting her name on the return address of the envelope.

The ugly secrets spill out

Young and the Restless spoilers promise Graham sending photos to Victor will send The Mustache after Jack. That way, Graham doesn’t have to take revenge on Jack – Victor will take care of that. Also, Jack will blame Dina since the photos look like they came from her. As for Ashley, it seems certain that Graham will reveal her true paternity at some point, but he’s got to be careful so Dina doesn’t catch on and take his name off the will. All it would take is a little leak to Hilary (Mishael Morgan) to get her sniffing for secrets and ruining Ashley’s reputation.

Of course, things won’t work out the way Graham wants now that Ashley discovered Graham’s mother is alive. Catch up on spoilers for the upcoming Sassy Mask sabotage, Mariah’s plans to dump Devon, and Hilary’s shocking role in their split. Come back often for more The Young and the Restless spoilers and news.

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