Prince Was In Rehab: 57-Year-Old's Cause Of Death Still In The Air [Video]

While the investigation into the untimely death of Prince continues, news has emerged that proves Prince tried rehab in order to deal with the hip pain that the 57-year-old experienced.

According to KSTP, just because Prince tried rehab in an outpatient treatment format in order to handle the pain and to find a different option than the pain pills Prince had been prescribed, the publication notes that it doesn't automatically mean Prince had an addiction to Percocet or other pills.

However, Prince did seek the help of at least one physician to cure his hip pain, and rehab came along with that deal. Experts note that patients oftentimes seek rehab in order to prevent addiction to painkillers – or to deal with an ongoing addiction to prescription medication.

According to the New York Daily News, Prince would seek out places to get his medications that sometimes involved traveling miles away from his house in order to not leave a paper trail.

Whether or not Prince truly had an addiction to prescription meds like Percocet will be revealed when the results of Prince's autopsy and toxicology exams are released to the public. As of this writing, the cause of death for Prince has not been released. That hasn't stopped folks from speculating that drugs like Percocet might have played a role in Prince's death.

As reported by KSTP, Prince had pain medication in his possession when he died – with the drugs being found with Prince and at Paisley Park.

The results of Prince's autopsy should be revealed soon, along with the inventory list of the search warrant that was served in the death investigation, unless the decision is made to keep that information private and sealed.

According to Page Six, Prince realized he had a pain pill addiction to Percocet before he died. The publication claims that's the reason for Prince's rehab services received – and a potential overdose on Percocet might emerge as the cause of death.

It isn't known which specific rehab center Prince used to receive help for any chronic pain or a pain pill addiction.

Previously, TMZ reported that Prince obtained his pain pills from many different doctors. One of those doctors was a personal friend of Prince's, leading many people to liken the death of Prince to the death of Michael Jackson. The manner in which some celebrities obtain pain medication from doctors or friends that try and help the person but could ultimately end up pacifying a drug addiction can be troublesome.

One of the last photos published of Prince via the publication was one showing Prince near his local Walgreens pharmacy in Minneapolis – with claims that Prince visited at least four times to get prescriptions filled in the week prior to his death. As a result, the pharmacy was raided by police to uncover evidence of how Prince died.

In the week before his death, Prince made the news as his plane made an unscheduled landing due to claims that Prince was suffering from the flu. However, reports soon emerged that Prince might have received a shot to save his life – a Narcan injection to counteract the effects of an overdose of Percocet -- six days prior to his death.

Also making the news about Prince is the fact that the trustee of Prince's estate -- Bremer Bank – has had Prince's vault drilled into at Paisley Park. The vault is expected to contain a slew of unreleased recordings. Since only Prince knew the combination, the vault had to be opened in that manner. If those recordings make it to the public's ears someday, Prince fans could have a whole new playlist of Prince music to enjoy.

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