Truck Falls Through Ice On Lake Winnipeg

Manitoba, Canada – A father and daughter were almost killed when their truck fell through the ice on Lake Winnipeg. Fortunately, both individuals managed to escape the icy waters before succumbing to the frigid temperatures.

The Montreal Gazette reports the pair were on a fishing trip when the incident took place. While driving the truck across the frozen lake, the ice reportedly gave way. The father was able to pull his daughter from the truck before it sank.

Sergeant Line Karpish said the weight of the truck likely caused the ice to crack, sending both it and its passengers into Lake Winnipeg.

“Their vehicle did break through,” he explained to radio station CJOB. “Both he and his daughter we able to get out safely and did contact police just to let us know from home that they were fine and there were no concerns otherwise.”

According to CTV Winnipeg, the father had to go back inside the vehicle for his daughter while it was underwater. The pair were brought back home safe and sound by someone who happened to be in the area at the time of the accident. The incident was later reported to police.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are cautioning fishermen to be extremely careful when driving across frozen bodies of water. As evidenced by the truck falling into Lake Winnipeg, the ice may not be as stable as it initially appears.

People are injured every year after venturing out onto ice they believe is thick enough to support their weight. The New York Daily News reports a grandfather and his nine-year-old grandson fell into a frozen lake near their home last November.

Sadly, both victims died as a result of the accident. Although the pair were taken to area hospitals for treatment, both succumbed to their injuries.

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