Deadly Snake Found Curled Up In Couple’s Bed Conjures Up Nightmare Between The Sheets

Most folks don’t think of calling a snake catcher before climbing into bed but with a deadly eastern brown snake coiled up in their blanket and sheets, an Australian couple didn’t have much choice. The venomous snake was first spotted on the floor of their bedroom of their Brisbane home. But by the time the snake catcher arrived, the serpent had slithered up the bed and made itself at home under the blankets of their bed.

Stewart Lalor, who is a snake catcher by trade and who works for Elite Snake Catching Services, describes the phone call he received from a woman who found a snake in the bedroom. The woman called to say they spotted a snake on the floor of the couple’s bedroom, but Lalor said it “quickly moved up the couple’s bed” and it was “eventually found under their blanket.”

The snake was not your garden variety type, the brown eastern snake is the second most poisonous snake in the world, according to Fox News. The couple, who are in their 30s, were lucky to spot the snake on the floor before it concealed itself under the covers of their bed. At least they knew there was a snake in the house and to proceed with caution.

The Telegram reports that Lalor was able to catch the snake within minutes and remove it from the house. It is the spring in Australia, which is the mating season for snakes. According to the Telegram, this is the second Queensland family to have a “near miss” with a venomous snake in their home.

Lalor wrote on his company’s Facebook page about finding the snake in bed. He said, “Not exactly the best place to encounter a highly venomous snake.” He also said they were lucky that they found it when they did. The eastern brown snake can grow up to seven feet and they are known for their aggressiveness if they feel threatened. The snake may have taken someone crawling into a bed as a threatening situation.

The snake was taken to an undisclosed location and set free. Lalor said it was in an area that offered enough food for the snake because if he let it go away from food sources, it might just make its way back into someone’s home looking to eat.

These snakes account for half of the snake bites in Australia. According to the Telegraph, an “untreated a bite can cause paralysis, renal failure, cardiac arrest, and death.”

On Sunday another family in Australia had an encounter with a venomous snake. In this case, they found it in their toilet bowl of their Guanaba home. That snake was a brown tree snake and although it is less venomous than the eastern brown snake, it can cause respiratory distress with the venom from its bite, especially in kids. Snake Catcher Tony Harrison has a viral video going of his removal of the snake in the toilet.

[Featured Image by Travis k/Shutterstock]