Melania In Gray Pantsuit, Threatens Billboard Lawsuit: Imagine How Far You Can Go With A Little Bit Of English

First Lady Melania Trump took a page out of the stylebook of Hillary Clinton when Melania donned a gray pantsuit with black buttons and a black blouse as Melania joined President Donald Trump on Tuesday, September 19. Trump was delivering his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly when Melania walked in with President Trump, her left hand in the left pocket of her gray pants and her hair flowing beyond her shoulders. The pantsuit was apropos of the “she means business” message that Melania was attempting to send as her lawyers threatened a lawsuit over an English class billboard that featured Melania’s image. Melania may have smiled at the notion of “Melania cakes,” as reported by the Inquisitr, and allegedly threatened to bankrupt an old friend over old photos, but Melania’s new target was a set of billboards that seemed to poke fun at Melania’s manner of speaking English.

According to the Daily Mail, Melania’s lawyer, Natasa Pirc-Musar, took issue with Melania’s image appearing on billboards that read “just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.” The billboards showed up in Croatia and represented an advertising campaign that went viral. However, the promotions for a private English language school were taken down on Tuesday in the Croatian capital after Melania’s attorney threatened a lawsuit against the school in Zagreb. The campaign attempted to show Croats how far in life they could make it – just like Melania did – by learning English like the Slovenian-born Melania.


Whereas the billboards containing Melania’s image might have been created as a joke pointing towards Melania’s thick accent, the language school’s use of Melania’s image was apparently no laughing matter. Natasa claimed the school “admitted that they violated the law and that they are ready to remove the billboards and (Facebook) ads.” Melania’s lawyer claimed that they are still thinking of further legal options.

Melania has used Pirc-Musar to protect her image, but Melania isn’t against all folks using her name and likeliness. With Melania smiling at the “Melania cakes” but not finding the Croatian school billboards humorous, the lawsuit threats seem slightly random. Ivis Buric spoke for the school, the American Institute, and apologized for the billboards that were intended to be a positive advertisement showing off Melania as a role model. According to AOL, Buric said the of billboards, “In no means is it some kind of political message.”

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[Featured Image by Bebeto Matthews/AP Images]