‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Bitter Jury, Deluded Maven And The Showmance That Will Survive – ‘BB19’ Insights

Big Brother 19 spoilers from BB executive producer Allison Grodner show that even if Paul makes it to the final two, he’ll face an uphill battle to win over a bitter jury. Other last-minute insights as this season of Big Brother comes to a close include how the jury house feels about Maven – and which showmance is most likely to last outside the BB house.

The bitterest Big Brother jury ever?

Allison Grodner offered some Big Brother spoilers to Carter Matt in a recent interview when she described the mood in the BB19 jury as “bitter.” Grodner went on to say she couldn’t recall a season where, aside from Cody, “every single juror” in this season is “clueless on the way out” and said they didn’t figure things out until they got to the jury house.

Grodner added that the bitter jurors are “upset to have been played” by those that sent them packing and are now poised for final three, final two, and the Big Brother 19 win. Paul, it seems, is misguided to think he’s got no blood on his hands. We saw that Josh burned Paul in his goodbye message to Jason during his live eviction, but that’s not the only truth bomb he dropped.

Jury knows Paul is the mastermind

Other BB19 spoilers from Grodner’s recent chats reveal that the houseguests didn’t record their goodbye messages to Alex until after her eviction since it was a surprise and they didn’t want the HGs to know ahead of time. Once again, Josh spilled the beans on Paul’s role in her eviction. Grodner told Big Brother Network that Alex saw a goodbye message from Josh after she left the stage.

In his farewell message, Josh told Alex that Paul was working with him and Christmas to get her out. He also gave the same info to Jason, Matt, Raven, and Kevin. Matt and Raven remain clueless, as far as BB19 has shown us, while Kevin isn’t holding a grudge. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the jury house isn’t furious. From what executive producer Allison Grodner revealed, it’s a very bitter jury, maybe the bitterest in Big Brother history.

“Deluded” Maven annoys BB jurors

Another thing Allison Grodner remarked on in her Big Brother 19 interview was Maven, aka Matt and Raven, and how the jury feels about them. Grodner told Carter Matt the jurors are “very upset with the delusions and the mere presence of Maven” and we saw a bit of this last week. The video at the BB19 jury house with everyone piling on “puppetmaster” Raven has gone viral.

Grodner told Big Brother Network that it was “surprising” to hear that “Raven sees herself as the puppet master” and added that she couldn’t wait to hear Paul’s response when he finds out what Raven was saying. The EP also said that Raven’s delusions have “created a lot of tension in the jury house” and that’s been evident in the few glimpses we’ve seen of the evicted jurors.

Which showmance will survive?

In Big Brother 19, we saw Mark and Elena romancing, Jessica and Cody, Matt and Raven, and, lately, even Christmas and Paul, but one houseguest said there’s only one “true” showmance in the BB19 season. Mark made a quip that the only real relationship in Big Brother this season is Matt and his ever-constant bowl of cereal. Even if the others are doomed, Matt seems committed.

However, Cody said he’d marry Jessica, and she told fans after her eviction she plans to propose to Cody at the Big Brother 19 finale. All eyes will be on these two when they’re reunited at the finale and given Cody’s lack of respect for the BB19 rules — he might just go over and grab her. There’s also a swirling rumor that BB18‘s Victor might propose to Nicole at the finale since they’re very serious and talking matrimony.

There’s just a couple of days left until we see if Josh knocks Paul to third place in BB19 and if Jessica did enough to secure AFP for Cody. There are also lingering questions about the Big Brother rules and how Raven was allowed to play if she’s truly dying. Check back for more last-minute Big Brother spoilers and news.

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