‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Paul Wrecked His Game – Karma Coming For Vet Thanks To Josh

Big Brother 19 spoilers offer some joyous news for BB19 fans (and evicted houseguests) that are anti-Paul. It seems that Paul has made a critical error in his gameplay and, ironically, it’s the same mistake everyone else made all season long when dealing with the bearded Big Brother veteran. As seen on the BB19 jury feature during Thursday’s eviction episode, it’s become apparent to most everyone in the house that Paul had a final three deal with every showmance and power couple – and a final two deal with many individual players as well. Paul might be burned by the same mistake others made when they trusted him – and it’s all down to Josh.

Raven the “puppet master” clueless about Paul using her

Last night’s Big Brother episode featured a fight between the three couples in the jury house while Cody sat laughing and taking in all of it gleefully. When Alex arrived at the house to show her video clip, she reaffirmed what the others already suspected. Paul had made deals with all of them and then betrayed them one by one, taking down the showmances and power couples. Everyone had wised up, it seemed, except for Raven who insisted she and Matt were the most important to Paul.

Hilariously, Jason asked Raven that if she and Matt were so important to Paul, “why are you two sitting here?,” prompting both Mark and Cody to laugh. Mark also pointed out she can’t be a puppet master when she didn’t win anything. Raven’s outrage was so explosive it even prompted her boyfriend Matt to uncontrollable laughter. Everyone admitted they helped Paul pull strings except for Cody who quipped “I didn’t” and earned more laughter. Matt and Raven appear to be annoying the HGs in the jury as much as they did in the BB19 house.

Could Paul overcome the bitter jury if he made F2?

Big Brother 19 spoilers all season long showed that Paul is confident he’s in good standing with the ousted houseguests because he didn’t get blood on his hands when it came to evictions — and that might be true, except that inside the BB19 house, houseguests were too intimidated to talk about Paul’s game because of the cult-like mentality he’d groomed among his followers. But with time on their hands at jury, it seems all of Paul’s scheming has been discussed at length – and exposed.

Among the jury members, Jason and Alex admitted they’re salty and might not vote for Paul. Mark and Elena seem anti-Paul at this point. Cody might admire his gameplay, so he could be a 50/50 option. Kevin didn’t seem upset at all about Paul sending him out but that doesn’t guarantee his vote. Unless something changes, Paul’s only rock-solid votes seem to be Matt and Raven since Raven remains convinced she was Paul’s ride or die even as she sits on the sofa in the jury house.

Paul made the same mistake everyone else made in BB19

It’s interesting that the mistake reported in BB19 spoilers from Big Brother Network is the same critical error all the other evicted houseguests made this season. They put their blind trust in the wrong person. In the case of the three Big Brother pairs plus Kevin, that blind trust was in Paul. Now Paul is putting his blind trust in Josh and is operating under a false assumption that the Meatball will take him to F2. Josh has made it quite clear in cam talks and with Christmas that’s not the case at all.


Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds show Paul is certain that Josh will take him to the end if he wins the last comp. Paul said if he loses the last comp, he’s certain “Josh will pull me up” and cam talked proudly (see above) about how many comps he’s won and says he’s played the best game here. Paul said to the camera that he “might actually win” and said “I’m in shock,” but he might be far more shocked if Josh takes Christmas to final two instead of Paul.

Will Paul wind up worse off than in BB18?

Interestingly, Sports Betting Experts, a site that ranks odds for sports, reality shows, and other gambling-worthy events, have Paul as a veritable shoo-in to win Big Brother 19, but the oddsmakers might not be watching the CBS live feeds as diligently as fans. Strictly episodic Big Brother viewers will find out tonight what live feedsters already knew – Paul won part one of the three-part HoH comp and is now relying on Josh to win part two and bring Paul along if Paul winds up not in control of the F2 choice.

Despite recent chats between Paul and Josh, Josh has been adamant with Christmas that she is his ride or die. Big Brother 19 fans saw that even when Christmas wouldn’t promise to take him to F2, Josh insisted he would bring her along with him, even though she wasn’t asking for assurances. This means, if Josh dominates the comps, Paul might go out in third place, making him worse off than BB18. Most jury members said they’d love to see him in second place again, but third would sting a bit more, no doubt.

It’s almost down to the wire, and the jury members have made it clear they’re tired of Raven, and she seems a no-win shot for America’s Favorite Player. Meanwhile, Jessica is offering a toy lottery to encourage BB19 fans to vote Cody for AFP and there might be a marriage proposal (or two) at the BB19 finale. Check back often for the last few chances for Big Brother 19 spoilers.

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