‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Victor Planning Proposal For Nicole At ‘BB19’ Finale?

Big Brother 19 spoilers offered a big teaser for the end of the current season of Big Brother. One of the final four – Paul, Christmas, Josh, and Kevin – will get the big $500k check that could change their lives, but two past alum of BB might have a life-changing moment of their own. Big Brother 18‘s VIctor Arroyo and BB18 winner Nicole Franzel recently revealed they would be on hand for the finale, and some hints have been dropped that something big could happen that night. Is Victor planning a finale night proposal for his sweetie Nicole? In a self-hosted Instagram video (see below), Victor and Nicole talked to fans about how their relationship began and revealed it’s definitely love.

Victor has wanted to be with Nicole since BB18

Although Nicole was in a Big Brother showmance with Corey Brooks, that fell apart right after BB18 ended. But throughout last season, Victor didn’t let Nicole’s affection for Corey diminish how much he was crushing on her. Victor told Corey that if he hurt Nicole, he’d be there for her and also said he wanted to date and marry her. Unfortunately, post-Big Brother, Victor let his 15 minutes of fame go to his head. He told Entertainment Tonight that he was a “little wild” after BB18 and then “toned down” and “calmed down” and said he’s grateful that Nicole accepted him regardless of his post reality show bad boy antics.

In Victor and Nicole’s recent IG talk, they told the story of their post-Big Brother friendship and how it turned to love. And it sure seems like it soon might turn to more. Victor said that after the show they were friends and would “text or whatever,” and Nicole said it was “really funny” because they were giving each other relationship advice. The duo both said they were “best friends” and then when they met up in New York for a Big Brother 19 event, everything changed. Victor said that night in New York they “just clicked,” and Nicole enthused that “it was magical.” Since then it’s been long-distance love that’s turned very serious.

Marriage talk for Victor and Nicole

Marriage came up several times in the Instagram chat session with the Big Brother alums. Victor pointed out a ring that Nicole wore on her ring finger of her left hand and said they keep getting asked if it’s an engagement ring. Then they talked about being at a friend’s wedding recently where she caught the bride’s bouquet, and he caught the groom’s garter, and superstition will tell you that means they’re next to get hitched! But that’s not the only talk about marriage and engagements. Victor revealed he’s in the process of moving to rural Michigan to live with Nicole. Vic said he’s going to move in with her because he loves her “to death.” And in the pic below, he called her a future bride!

That love has been a long time brewing since Big Brother 18 and his non-stop flirting. Victor was so into Nicole that even though Corey made it clear to the guys in the BB18 house that he didn’t plan on dating Nicole outside of Big Brother, he was feeling a little jealous over Victor’s constant attention directed at Nicole. In Victor’s post-BB18 eviction interview, he said that Corey would break “Nicole’s little heart,” and he was right. Corey and Nicole lasted about a minute after Big Brother then they were done. After months of long distance love, Victor is moving across the country from Louisiana to be with Nicole, and things are getting serious.

Finale night proposal in the works?

In the same talk where Victor and Nicole revealed they would be at the finale, and he pointed out that Nicole is not wearing an engagement ring, Victor added he gets a “little aggressive, ” and it seemed to be over the idea she was wearing someone else’s ring, which she’s not. Then Nicole asked him “does that mean we’re never getting engaged,” and he laughed. But maybe Victor has something special planned based on his answer to a fan that asked if they would “get married eventually.” At that question, Victor laughed, and Nicole shyly hung her head and then Victor addressed the topic definitively.

Victor said, “Ultimately, the goal when you’re dating somebody, right, is to get married but you just kind of go with the flow and see what happens.”

With Victor packing his bags and relocating to Michigan to be with his Big Brother 18 love Nicole, it’s not out of the question that he might use the big CBS stage at the live Big Brother 19 finale to drop to one knee and pop the big question. Nicole made no secret of the fact that she wants to get married and start a family, and her past two BB showmances, one with Hayden in BB14 and the other with Corey in BB18 flopped, but she recently shared a pic of Victor on her Twitter account and captioned it “third times a charm.”

If Big Brother 18‘s Nicole and Victor do get hitched, they’ll join a small club of married BB alums. Jeff and Jordan from BB11 got engaged on BB14, married last year and have a son named Lawson. BB13‘s Daniele and Dominic have been married for four years and are planning to start a family soon. BB12 and 13‘s Rachel and Brendon got hitched five years ago and had a daughter. With the Big Brother 19 finale just one week away, we won’t have to wait too long to see if Paul can ride his recent HoH win to the final two, whether Matt and Raven continued their condom-hiding antics in the jury, and if Victor will propose on finale night. Check back for more Big Brother 19 spoilers.

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