‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Alex Evicted On Split Vote – Paul Won ‘BB19’ HoH Tonight

Big Brother 19 spoilers from an inside source say Alex was evicted while the CBS live feeds were down as we will see on the BB19 special Wednesday eviction episode. It was expected that Alex would be evicted, but how it went down and how Josh burned down his game are the shockers. Josh had been maneuvering for a split vote using shifty excuses to persuade Christmas and Paul to vote at odds with each other. What went down on Tuesday night in the BB19 house gave Josh the chance to shake up the game but he reportedly wimped out, and that means final four is Josh, Paul, Christmas, and Kevin. But that’s not the only big news that leaked – Paul won the HoH, as we’ll see in a couple of days. That puts Paul in the position of power and guarantees him final three, as if there was ever any doubt he’d make it to the end.

Josh could have made a bold move, wimped out!

On Monday’s live feeds, Morty’s TV reported that Josh asked his “allies” Paul and Christmas if they should split the vote so the tie would go to him as HoH to break. Josh’s rationale was that it would get all the blood on his hands and keep them cleaner for jury votes. Christmas gave Josh a firm “no” and said it wasn’t fair to give Alex hope only to send her out of the house anyway. Josh also spent time on cam talking on Sunday, making big claims that if he could get the split, he’d send out Kevin and keep Alex to mess with Paul. Josh got his big chance then squandered it! And with the latest leak coming out of Reddit BB19 sources, Paul took the next HoH, so he decides the fate of the house and is safe into final three.

Josh Martinez plays the HOH competition "Ready, Set, Woah!".
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Christmas and Paul knew Josh could go rogue

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds showed Christmas and Paul had escalating concerns about whether Josh could be trusted if they split the vote. They didn’t seem to be seriously considering it because he’s been so emotional and erratic lately. Even Alex told Josh to man up after he went on a crying jag after the Veto Ceremony. She was the one left on the block and knew she was facing eviction, but he was crying into the tissue she handed him. Then when he had the chance to save her, Josh wimped out. He’s sticking with his alliance – and it could take him to the end. Then again, Paul is now in control of the Big Brother house. That means Kevin should be on the block but alongside whom? Will he keep Christmas, his new showmance pal, or throw her on the block and see what happens?

Did Christmas know Paul would vote to evict Kevin?

The BB19 leak came compliments of Big Brother Gossip on Twitter thanks to an inside CBS source. What we don’t know yet is whether Paul and Christmas conspired to split the vote or if Paul went rogue. Given how daring of a move it was, it’s likely it was either a scheme or a mistake and Paul and Christmas aren’t making any mistakes this late in the game. Now that Paul has the HoH, Josh might be Paul’s target to go next since Kevin is a weaker player, but maybe not. Several Big Brother sites tracking likely jury votes and doing analysis calculate Paul might have the best chance at winning by taking Josh to the end with him and letting Christmas and Kevin come in third and fourth.

Christmas Abbott on BIG BROTHER.
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Jury votes for and against Paul

While Cody was sent out thanks to Paul’s scheming, he grudgingly admires his game play. Plus, Josh went on a rampage against Cody that was ceaseless. Mark was also hounded relentlessly by Josh before he adopted his late-in-the-game crying and feeling guilty attitude. Elena should stick with Mark and Cody, so that would be three votes for Paul. Matt and Raven were locked tight with Paul and are not particular fans of Josh, so that would push Paul to five votes. Jason and Alex are a question since Josh blew up Paul in the exit video for Jason. But those two votes shouldn’t matter. Kevin should also vote for Paul and so would Christmas.

Big Brother 19 spoilers tease Josh might have shot himself in the foot missing this split vote eviction opportunity to keep Alex. She’s a strong competitor and might have beaten Kevin, Christmas, and Paul in the upcoming HoH comp. That would have given Josh and Alex the chance to team up to take out Paul who’s easily the biggest threat in the house and a lock to win BB19. Paul handed Josh the biggest game opportunity, and Josh wimped out. He could have stopped Paul, and now it seems like nothing can especially since Paul is now the reigning HoH with lots of power heading into the back-to-back evictions this week on Big Brother.

Catch up on Alex’s promise to sway jury votes for Paul, Raven’s last night of lies in the BB19 house, and Christmas’ ride or die revelation with Paul. Check back for more Big Brother 19 spoilers and news.

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