‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Raven’s Latest Shocking Lie – And Christmas Talks Josh Out Of Paul Suspicions

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds in the wee hours of the morning show that Raven told a whopping new lie resulting in yet another Raven Exposed Party. Plus Josh again zeroed in on Paul’s secret strategy, but it didn’t do him any good as his power alliance pal Christmas talked him down. This is the second time in the last few days that Josh took a moment to analyze the bearded one’s moves in the BB19 house and accurately assessed Paul’s game play. Despite his revelation and sharing his thoughts with Christmas, she browbeat Josh into dropping it and forbade him from mentioning it. Will this head-in-the-sand approach last?

Paul has PoV power, can shut Kevin down

BB19 spoilers from the live feeds late this week showed that Kevin and the Tree of Temptation were the biggest obstacles to Paul’s week ten plan to evict competition beast Jason from the Big Brother house. Hilariously, everyone in the house felt so safe that they unanimously rejected the lure of the tree, which had 50/50 odds of helping or hurting their game. Primary targets Jason and Alex had been thoroughly convinced that Kevin was the backdoor target, so they avoided the tree. Meanwhile, Paul and Christmas had successfully groomed Kevin into believing he was safe in week ten so he didn’t pluck a fruit either.

The next obstacle was the veto, but Paul won it. Strangely, Alex admitted she threw the PoV comp to Paul even though she’s on the chopping block. Trust of Paul seems to be universal in the house and this week’s eviction ceremony will be a shock to at least one houseguest – Jason. Alex may be so successfully brainwashed by week’s end that she lets Jason go without a hitch. Kevin began lobbying to evict Alex so Paul must use the PoV to pull her off the block. He can tell some of the HGs are wavering on which should go first – Alex or Jason – and moving Alex out of the way eliminates any chance that Kevin can save his buddy Jason.

Christmas dismisses Josh’s concerns about Paul

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds show an intense conversation in the wee hours of Sunday morning between Christmas and Josh, as reported by Joker’s Updates. Since Paul explained they need to split the votes between Kevin and Alex forcing a tiebreaker, Christmas would be the deciding vote to evict Jason. That can cost Christmas and Josh a jury vote and leave Paul looking good. While both Christmas and Josh realize it, they are still committed to sticking to Paul’s plan. After Josh worked on her for a while, the best Christmas would offer is that they can find “a better plan” but Paul must agree to it.

Christmas admonished Josh saying, “Do not question Paul – he will spaz out, ” and Josh agreed, adding that he would “pump the brakes.”

Josh said (dishonestly) to Christmas that he “never questions Paul’s plans” but Christmas took another tact and said, “I question everything every f*ing week.”

Despite both their concerns, Big Brother Network reported that Christmas said, “I grilled Paul on every scenario, and he explained it really well like chess. He’s protecting us. His plan helps us.”

What’s brilliant about Paul’s game play this week is that Christmas and Josh have figured out his approach and don’t care because they’re convinced Paul is the third to their ride or die. Jason will sit tight on the block without protest after Paul pulls Alex off the block because he thinks he’s a pawn. The only person who will be angry is Kevin who has been adamant that he not go up on the block as a pawn. However, Kevin might also go quietly because he assumes he’s a pawn. Thursday’s blindside should be epic.

Raven’s latest extravagant lie

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Raven told another whopper and this triggered yet another Raven Exposed Party. The lie in question is that her aunt died on the Titanic. Raven told Paul, “I had family on the Titanic, ” and he asked if she had the “paperwork proving it” to which she replied that her shoe is “on display in a museum.” Incredibly, Raven said she forgot the name of the aunt that died on the most famous shipwreck in history.

Of interest also is that none of the Big Brother houseguests knew when the infamous ship sank (1912), but they did the math assuming it sank in the 1920s or 1940s and quickly realized no way could Raven have an aunt (or even a great aunt) that sank in the icy Atlantic. This led to the BB19 houseguests churning up her other alleged lies in a festival of laughter at her outrageous claims.


Paul said Raven might be “the most interesting person on the planet” given her claims, which include:

  • Her mother was struck by lightning (before she had a pacemaker which would have likely melted)
  • Raven and her mother are both in Mensa
  • Raven was once in training for the Olympics
  • Her mom set a record for the fastest one mile run in Arkansas
  • Raven has an inverted spine
  • Raven has rough kneecap syndrome
  • She’s dying soon
  • Raven needs a hysterectomy, eggs frozen, and her knees replaced
  • Raven and her mom have dead colons
  • Said Cody tried to get with her in early days of BB19
  • [UPDATED] As of Sunday, Raven also added a thyroid condition to the laundry list…

These alleged lies are on top of Matt and Raven grossing out the house with their used condom stash. Despite her seemingly trademark dishonesty, Raven is still in the game and could land in the final two because everyone is certain they could beat her in jury votes. Aside from Matt, it’s doubtful that Raven would get any jury votes.

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