‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Paul’s Puppet Christmas Targets Jason – Temptation Tree, Kevin Could Foul Up Plans

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds overnight reveal that Alex made a huge mistake throwing the HoH to Christmas. She’s clueless that she and her power pal Jason are headed for the block, all thanks to Paul’s machinations. Christmas always talks about making big moves, but the last time she had HoH, she sent Mark out, which was the easiest thing to do. It’s doubtful Christmas would make a big move and get out the real threat in the house – Paul – since she’s under his control. But Kevin is a problem.

BB19 house wants Jason gone, backdoor move not an option

The house is united, aside from the two targets and rogue Kevin, and that could mess up Paul’s plans for ultimate Big Brother conquest by using the couples against each other. Alex thinks the plan is to backdoor Kevin and while Jason doesn’t like it, he’s got no power this week. Paul advised Christmas to go straight at the couple and nominate Alex and Jason, so they’ll assume the backdoor Kevin plan is still in play. In fact, this is the one way to ensure that either Alex or Jason will be forced out in week 10.

Big Brother 19 spoilers say Paul’s crew wants competition beast Jason gone. They can’t backdoor Jason because most of the house gets to play in the veto comp this week and if Jason wins while Alex is on the block as a pawn next to Kevin. If Jason had PoV, he could take Alex off the block while also protecting himself. That would force Christmas to put up someone else, and the power pair would be safe. That means Christmas must put Alex and Jason up side by side so the veto can’t save them both.

Kevin going rogue is a problem

Since Kevin and Jason are BFFs, they’re protecting each other. Jason kept Kevin off the block last week, and this week, Kevin could ruin Paul’s plan. Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds overnight reveal that Kevin is already advocating for the houseguests to evict Alex and keep Jason. Kevin told Paul that if they kept Jason, he’d ally with them according to Big Brother Network. In fact, Paul is worried Kevin and Jason would unite. Jason keeps winning competitions, so the HGs can’t keep him.

Kevin’s ignorance of the Big Brother game is frustrating for both houseguests and fans, but it’s got him far in the game. Particularly ridiculous was his outrage that the HGs messed up the house during the hide and seek comp. It sure seems like Kevin has never seen an episode of Big Brother before coming on the show. Paul is tired of Kevin being in the way, but he’s not a threat, so they’ll have to keep him for now. Paul also advised Christmas to renominate Kevin if Alex or Jason comes off the block.

Tree of Temptation could cause problems for Paul

BB19 spoilers indicate that the Tree of Temptation has four fruits left. They include: second veto, can’t play in the next HoH, eliminate two eviction votes, and a bounty on your head. Half the apples would help out Jason or Alex, and the other two could wreck their game. If Kevin warns Jason that he’s the target, Jason would be smart to roll the dice and grab an apple. Even if the apple were a poisoned fruit, Jason would be no worse off for taking it.

Big Brother spoilers tease it’s less likely that Alex would pick a fruit since she feels safe. Shockingly, Alex feels so safe that she threw the HoH comp and volunteered to go up as a pawn. However, since the tree lights up before nominations, neither Alex nor Jason might feel insecure enough to pluck an apple. The tree should light up some time on Friday, so that would be the one chance for Jason and Alex to make a game move that could save them but since it’s a blindside, they may reject the temptation.

Raven is adjusting to life in the BB19 house without Matt, but live feeds watchers might miss their sketchy antics and creepy condom habits. Check back often for more Big Brother 19 spoilers.

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