Holly Bobo Murder Case: ‘He Raped, Killed, And Discarded Her,’ Mom Of Slain Nursing Student Breaks Down

Holly Bobo’s mother broke down on the witness stand while listening to the prosecutor’s statement describing how the suspect raped, killed, and disposed of her 20-year-old daughter in 2011, People reports.

Karen Bobo collapsed on the stand Monday, prompting the judge to call for a recess during the trial of Zachary Adams, 33, one of the three men charged in the murder of Bobo.

“I’m feeling sick,” Bobo’s mother said.

In Karen’s testimony, she said her last words to Holly Bobo were: “I told her goodbye and I loved her.”

Bobo’s brother, Clint, has testified that he saw his sister being led into the woods behind their family home by an unidentified man on the day she disappeared.

Jason Autry, a man also charged in the murder case of Holly Bobo, also testified in the trial, saying that Adams told him that he, his brother John Dylan Adams, and Autry’s cousin Shayne Austin had raped Holly Bobo, CBS News reports.

Autry said in his testimony that he had known Adams for years. On the day of Bobo’s disappearance, he called Adams to ask for a morphine pill. When Adams called him back, he told Autry that he needed his help on something. When Autry arrived at Adams’ truck, he was asked to help him “bury this body.” Adams then reportedly told Autry that the body they were about to carry belonged to Holly Bobo.

Bobo’s remains were found in September 14 near Adams’ home.

Larry Stone, another witness, discovered Bobo’s remains while hunting for ginseng roots with his cousin.

“Please tell me that’s one of those things they use in school, and that’s not real,” he said while looking at Bobo’s skull.

The continued search yielded more remains, including a wallet with a driver’s license, purse with car keys, makeup, and an inhaler, the Sun reports.

During his statement, prosecutor Paul Hagerman said Adams lives in a “dark, dark world” of methamphetamine and morphine addiction. He recalled how Holly Bobo was abducted, drugged, and raped before being wrapped in a blanket and carried to his truck.

Hagerman alleged that Adams and his cousin wrapped Bobo in a blanket before taking her to the Tennessee River. As they were about to “gut” her, Bobo suddenly made a sound and moved, prompting Adams to shoot her in the head at point-blank range. Adams then boasted that no living soul would find out about what happened to Bobo, Hagerman said.

“He took her, he raped her, he killed her, he discarded her, he covered it up, he almost got away with it,” Hagerman said. “But he didn’t.”

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