September 14, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava Walking Into A Trap Instead Of Life-Changing Surgery?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Ava Jerome could be setting herself up for a tragic end by trusting Valentin Cassadine. Is she on the road to a miraculous recovery of her gorgeous face or a path to peril? Some things Valentin said recently hint that he might have whisked Ava out of the country so he can get her out of the way for good. No matter what she signed, Ava could come to court and say what she wants – and ruin Valentin's shot at winning the lawsuit Spencer Cassadine filed against him for the wrongful death of his father, Nikolas Cassadine.

Ava in danger in Russia?

We saw on GH this week that Ava was stunned to be met on the plane by a handler for the Baronski Clinic – a woman named Larissa. She promised Ava that the results are dramatic and that she should be hopeful. Larissa told about her own experience with Dr. Baronski and how he fixed her face that had been broken and slashed. Larissa talked about the process being life-changing and said Ava would wind up with a feeling of gratitude. However, there seems to be more to the story than expected.

General Hospital spoilers for next week from Soap Central hint that Griffin is worried about Ava's safety, and he may be right to be concerned. After all, as far as everyone knows, Valentin's a dangerous man who killed Nikolas Cassadine. How can he be trusted with Ava's care, particularly when he had her whisked away to the far reaches of Europe where no one can find her? After Ava signed the document, Valentin made a call to the clinic, and his discussion sounded a bit frightening.

Valentin said, "The woman in question should arrive tomorrow, and I trust that you will deal with her as discussed."

That sounded ominous, right?

Surgery plus something else?

GH spoilers from this week showed that Larissa told Ava that she would be herself "only much better," and that has some wondering whether Ava will get the plastic surgery she wants, but it might come with some sort of unwanted bonus. Will something be done to Ava while she's under anesthesia for the operation? We've seen General Hospital do all sorts of wild things with hypnosis and memory. Could they be planning something like a mind wipe to erase all traces of her memories of Valentin and Nik?

General Hospital spoilers tease that it would be very suspicious if Ava recanted her testimony and then went missing. But if Valentin has another option in his pocket -- a way to keep his promise to Ava to give her back her beauty but also to tamper with her mind, so she's not a threat to him -- that's a win-win. Of course, Ava could always be killed on the operating table, but that doesn't seem very likely since Maura West has a long-term contract. But surely there's more happening than a simple surgery.

Valentin shares shocking news with Nina

This Thursday on General Hospital, Valentin tells Nina that he "neutralized" the only witness who can hurt him in court. Nina is stunned by his honesty and wonders if he killed someone or just took away their power against him. While Ava might be walking into a trap, there's no doubt she will survive. Recent GH spoilers for her show activity through the rest of the month, so she will survive her ordeal, but whether her memories survive with her is another question.

On Monday, September 18, General Hospital spoilers reveal Griffin is worried about Ava's well-being, and the next day Ava has reason to be curious. On Thursday, September 21, Ava gets good news and is thrilled. The following week, Griffin confronts Valentin about Ava and is frustrated that he doesn't get the answers he wants. The same day, Ava deals with a question of ethics. Then on September 26, it seems Griffin and Ava are reunited, and this could be a turning point for their simmering tension.

What's next for Ava and what fate awaits her in Russia? We'll know more soon. Be sure to catch up on Nelle and Michael's drama with his family, the big Burton shocker theory about Jason's coma, Kristina's complicated love life, and the recast auditions hinting a Nikolas Cassadine recast. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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