‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Younger Nikolas Recast Coming – Auditions For New Version Of Cassadine Prince?

General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s the perfect time for Nikolas Cassadine (ex-Tyler Christopher) to return to GH because of converging storylines linked to the missing prince. A new casting call went out, and auditions were held, but because of the age of the actors, it has many people speculating it’s a Morgan recast. That seems unlikely at this point; there are no plots that demand the Corinthos kid come back. But instead, GH might be casting a new version of Nikolas – a younger one.

Tyler was too old for the role

Consider this: Although Tyler Christopher did an excellent job playing Nikolas, in fact, he was too old for the part. Tyler is 44-years-old, while his screen mom, Genie Francis (aka Laura Spencer), is just 55. Sure, she was supposedly young when the Cassadines kidnapped her, but she wasn’t 11 when she gave birth. Nikolas has a son, so the kid’s age is a concern. But Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) was born in early 2006, making him 11.

GH history tells us realistically that Prince Nik should be more like 31 for his age to align with his mother and son. General Hospital spoilers from a recent casting call reported by Soap Opera Intel tells us that four actors auditioned for the soap. Jack Pearson is 28, Jonny Preston is 27, Myles Clohessy is in his mid-20s, and Sean Rose is in his mid-20s as well. Two of the four actors are too old to be a recast of Morgan (which seems unlikely anyway at this point), but the other two are a good age for Nikolas.

Plots that tie into Nikolas right now

General Hospital spoilers say Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is sticking around, so the need to redeem him for the murder of his baby mama’s brother is urgent. Nikolas has been name-dropped recently, and even though Spencer is gone, the civil suit for wrongful death will go on, according to the latest GH spoilers for Fall from SheKnows Soaps. Valentin promised Laura he would bring up the doubts about Nikolas being dead if the suit went to trial.

To sue him for wrongful death requires a death, and Nik’s body was never found. General Hospital viewers saw Nikolas charge Valentin, and then he was shot and fell off the balcony. Given the height of the balcony, he would not have survived the fall, much less the shooting, yet when Laura and Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) searched for his body, it wasn’t there. They also didn’t mention any signs of blood or other marks of violence. That’s because Nik isn’t dead.

Jewel thief plot might also tie to Nikolas

There’s a General Hospital rumor that Nikolas and Valentin cut a deal that would allow Nikolas to get away with plenty of money and a future that was far from the Cassadine legacy, which Nik hated. Valentin wanted the Cassadine name, so if he could get it without killing his nephew, all the better. The fight between Nik and Valentin could easily have been staged for Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) benefit so she could tell everyone he was dead. Nik might have moved on to a life of crime.

At the time it happened, Valentin never expected to see any of the Port Charles people again, but then they decided to keep Valentin around and wrote up the Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) story that brought Valentin to Port Charles. The only loose end in his life is being accused of Nik’s murder. If Valentin didn’t kill him, it would all come out in court in just a few weeks. At the same time, the best proof that Valentin is innocent is to produce Nikolas.

Plastic surgery plot coming

General Hospital spoilers show Ava wanted a plastic surgery miracle and called Valentin for an assist. He wants her to recant her testimony in exchange for the miracle. This week’s ABC Soaps in Depth promises Ava agrees to Valentin’s conditions even though she promised Spencer she would testify for him. Once they go down the plastic surgery road with Ava, she might find Nikolas. ABC SID also said when Ava is on her plastic surgery journey, she “will find a lot more than she’s prepared for!”

That GH spoilers reference from co-head writer Shelly Altman could point to her finding Nikolas on her journey as she recovers her beauty. This is all rumor at this point, but with a GH casting call for an actor the age Nikolas should be (but younger than Tyler Christopher), it sounds like it’s possible the prince could return. The audition notes describe the character of “Joe” (a fake name) as handsome, dynamic, and a man who uses charm to get him out of trouble. That sounds like Nikolas.

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