‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucky-Jake Paternity Shocker – New Test Proves Jason’s Not The Father

General Hospital spoilers reveal that when Steve Burton comes back wearing Jason Morgan’s face, it will trigger tons of questions – many regarding Jason’s kids. Maurice Benard seemingly confirmed Burton is back as Stone Cold when he recently tweeted, “Steve is Jason,” but he’s not a writer or producer on the show, so it’s not up to him. However, all the GH spoilers leaking out seem to confirm the “tale of two Jasons, ” and that’s when it gets interesting. Who is Billy Miller, and which kids belong to which man? Twisted up in all of this is a rumored reveal, at long last, about Jake Spencer’s paternity.

Burton back – but how to prove he’s a Quartermaine?

With Steve Burton back on September 18, there will be a ripple felt all across Port Charles. One of the problems with dissecting who this mystery man is will be the lack of living relatives. Consider Jason Morgan’s family tree. His father is Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon), who is dead. His mother is Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey), who is also dead. Jason had a half-biological brother AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan), who is dead, too. His biological grandparents Edward and Lila have passed away, too. The only immediate family that could be tested to prove Jason’s identity is his children. He has cousins alive, but they wouldn’t be as close a match.

However, General Hospital spoilers promise there’s a problem there too. Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) is definitely the son of Jason Morgan despite some paternity test drama back in the day that teased he might be Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) kid. Scout Morgan is the daughter of Billy Miller’s character for certain, so that won’t help ID the man with Stone Cold’s face. The other kid in question is Jake Spencer (Hudson West), and that’s where complications arise. What happens if Jake isn’t a match to either Miller’s Jason or Burton’s returning character? This has been hinted for a while.

Jake is Lucky’s son after all?

General Hospital spoilers have teased for years that Jake might not be Jason’s son after all, and many GH fans are hoping this is true. Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps remind us that back in the day, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) was involved with Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) at the time that he was a pill popper and that Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) got pregnant with little Jake. Liz also slept with Jason (then Steve Burton), so there had to be a paternity test. The test said Jake was Jason’s child, but she lied to both men because she was worried that Lucky might fall back into addiction.

However, that was back when Maxie was constantly scheming, lying, and cheating to get what she wanted – and what she wanted was Lucky. Maxie even faked a pregnancy to try and keep him. Maxie worked at the hospital at the time — that’s where she stole pills to feed Lucky’s addiction and also where General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease she tampered with Jake’s paternity test. Maxie wanted Lucky all to herself, and if Lucky knew he and Liz had another child on the way, Maxie would lose him. Maxie relied on Liz to tell the truth, but Liz lied about the DNA results, Lucky stuck around, and Maxie lost out.

Why didn’t Maxie come clean on test swap?

ABC Soaps in Depth reported that it was Lucky who discovered Jake was alive and held captive on Cassadine Island, and he saved the boy. New General Hospital spoilers now hint that Burton’s return and the need for paternity testing on the kids to identify the new guy in town with the familiar face will reveal the secret Maxie has been sitting on for years. So why didn’t Maxie tell the truth before? Consider this: Maxie was angry she lost Lucky to Liz, so she didn’t come clean at the time. Then Jake was “killed” by Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) driving drunk, so blabbing then would have been a mess.

A couple of years later, Maxie lost custody of her daughter Georgie for her lies and scams. She had only just recovered shared custody of her kid when Jake came back from the dead, and she didn’t want to complicate things by coming clean so many years later. Also, Maxie wouldn’t want to risk losing custody of her daughter again by bringing up terrible scams from her past. But now with General Hospital spoilers teasing a brief return for Jonathan Jackson, according to Blasting News, it might be triggered by the long overdue reveal that Jake Spencer is truly Lucky’s son.

GH’s Franco and Jake have a deep bond [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]

Jake being Lucky’s son offers resolution

GH spoilers that tease this reveal also promise it would uncomplicate many lives in Port Charles. Since Lucky won’t stick around, as Jonathan Jackson is busy with other work, Liz would retain custody. However, it would push Billy Miller’s Jason out of her life because neither he nor Burton’s character would be the father of any of her children. That makes room for Franco to fit comfortably in her life – and would keep the reformed serial killer out of Jason and Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) lives. That also means Miller’s Jason has only one biological kid – and it’s Scout!

GH executive producer Frank Valentini shared General Hospital spoilers on Burton’s return that the story would take nine months. Don’t expect any paternity reveals the moment he strolls back into Port Charles. However, once the initial shockwave subsides, there’s an investigation. The prisoner DNA Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) used to confirm Jake Doe as Jason is not viable because Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) could have tampered with it. The three kids are the only biological link to confirm the identity of Miller and Burton’s characters and should reveal some major shockers.

What do you think? Are you hoping to see Jake Spencer confirmed as Lucky’s son? Catch up on GH spoilers on the missing Quartermaine twin secret shared by Heather and Edward, creepy Dr. Bensch’s plans for Kiki, and the rumored recast of Nikolas Cassadine. Be sure to check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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