‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle And Michael Stay Strong But Murder Confession Is Long Overdue!

General Hospital spoilers tease that despite the bombshell Carly dropped about Nelle’s dead fiancé, Michael will calm down. He was mad for a minute, but there are some deeper concerns here. Did Michael mention to Nelle that he ax-murdered his stepmother a few years back? On Tuesday’s GH, after Carly made accusations and ran off, Michael was pretty salty with Nelle. He demanded to know why she didn’t tell him about her drowned fiance, but Michael (and Carly) are casting stones while living in glass mansions, aren’t they? And there’s no evidence that Michael will “go dark.” That’s a tabloid rumor to stir up fans, and it’s not based on any spoilers. It’s pure speculation.

Nelle is a suspect, but Michael is a convicted killer

One thing to remember from General Hospital history is that Michael is a confirmed killer while Nelle just has shade cast on her about a dodgy kayaking incident. For newer watchers, Claudia Zacchara was a mobster married to Mikey’s dad, Sonny Corinthos. Michael spent a year in a coma because Claudia’s hit man botched a hit on Sonny before they married and got Michael instead. When the truth came out, Claudia kidnapped pregnant Carly and had her hands on baby Josslyn when Michael found his mom and stepmother together.

This was back in 2009, and General Hospital spoilers at the time showed us that Michael grabbed an ax handle and took down his step-mom. Claudia died at Michael’s hands, and that triggered a Corinthos cover-up. Sonny tried to take the fall for Michael, but an ill-timed confession to big brother Dante sent Mikey to Pentonville. While in prison, Michael was raped by a man named Carter. Many blame Franco for the rape, but that turned out to be a lie. Carter was just a creep raping for sport. That’s a messy history, but how much of that did Michael tell Nelle?

Is Michael unfair and Carly a hypocrite?

General Hospital spoilers from this week had Michael chastising Nelle by saying she had “so many opportunities” to tell him about her dead fiance and the suspicion that she was involved in his death. But was that something that Nelle needed to tell him when Michael is sitting on so many dirty secrets of his own? Has Michael mentioned to Nelle that he tried to smother his biological father, AJ? Did he mention he accidentally shot his dad’s girlfriend, Kate Howard? In fact, Michael most recently killed someone at the end of September in 2014.

Do you remember on GH when Michael shot and killed Kobe while they were struggling over a gun? As far as we know, Nelle has never killed anyone while Michael has two confirmed kills. And as for Carly, she’s lied, kidnapped, drugged people, took out a hit on Franco, stabbed Emily, blackmailed countless people, embezzled money from her boss, and cheated too many times to count. Carly and Michael never mentioned to Nelle that they’ve done much worse than she has, but it seems Ms. Benson is the only one being judged here. That’s not quite fair.

Michael’s not going dark – not dumping Nelle

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode from Soaps She Knows promise that Michael will not dump Nelle and will defend her to his family. The more Carly and Bobbie try to interfere, the closer Michael and Nelle get and the tighter their bond. GH spoilers from Soap Central confirm that Michael stands by Nelle, and the bombshell his mom hoped would open his eyes didn’t work as expected. In fact, if Michael takes this opportunity to come clean about some of his own dirty laundry, he and Nelle will become even closer as they both admit they have deeply flawed pasts.

Wild and speculative click-bait rumors alleged recently that Michael will go dark. Don’t get upset about this fan fiction and think the worst of Michael. In truth, General Hospital fans know he’s a good guy at heart. Michael is deeply ethical, and he isn’t a shady guy. Ned Quartermaine and Michael might face off at ELQ over differences of opinion, but the Quartermaines will stay strong. Michael will continue to be the good guy he’s always been (despite some hiccups in his past), and the relationship between Michael and Nelle will deepen, even though Carly and Bobbie won’t like it.

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