Kenneka Jenkins ‘Alive, Not Dead’ Viral Hoax — New Snapchat, Facebook Videos Get 2.5 Million Views In 7 Hours

The case of Kenneka Jenkins, a 19-year-old who lost her life under suspicious circumstances, continues to fascinate the public. As reported by the Inquisitr, an audio engineer has gone viral after analyzing the initial Facebook Live video from the account of Monifah Shelton, featuring Irene Roberts. His analysis resulted in removing extraneous noises to uncover what he deemed was one woman saying, “They stupid. They in there raping her a**.” Presumably the woman was talking about Kenneka being sexually assaulted prior to her death in Rosemont, Illinois, with Irene’s alleged reply, “I told y’all,” appearing damning on the video. Reports that Jenkins could allegedly be heard crying “Help me” join the viral video of Irene allegedly in the waiting room of a North Chicago Police Department.

Now new Facebook and Snapchat videos allegedly showing Kenneka at the party on the 9th floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel are going viral as well. As seen in the below post from Facebook user Stephan Plummer, a raucous party with loud music is shown in Snapchat and Facebook Live videos, with men and women singing along to music. Plummer notes that the videos are not his, but they appear to show a woman who looks like Kenneka, wearing the same type of jean jacket and bra that Jenkins was seen wearing in the previous Facebook Live video.

Warning: The below video may contain disturbing and offensive language.

Viewers of the Snapchat and Facebook Live videos purporting to show Kenneka still alive on Saturday, September 9, at 2:24 a.m. and 2:35 a.m., has caused confusion for some viewers who assumed Kenneka died at approximately 1:46 a.m., when Irene went live on Facebook with her original viral video, wherein the alleged cries for help were heard. However, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, authorities told Kenneka’s family that Jenkins could be seen staggering near the front desk of the hotel at 3:20 a.m., therefore the above video may help shed plenty of light upon what actually happened when Kenneka died.

As reported by Heavy, a fake social media account set up under Kenneka’s name after her death led some people to search for things like “Kenneka Jenkins alive” and “Kenneka not dead.” Some of the comments beneath the above viral Facebook post claim that Kenneka’s death was all a hoax perpetrated to make money via Facebook somehow. However, according to the New York Daily News, police have confirmed that Jenkins is the subject of a death investigation, and that Kenneka’s friends and those who attended the party are being sought for information.

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