Prince Charles Breaks Royal Record, Now In Line To Break Record Number Two

Now that Prince Charles has become the record holder for the longest running Prince of Wales, people across the social media sites have many theories as to why the Queen won’t let her eldest son step up to the throne. There are some people out there who are beckoning the Queen to give Charles a chance before he gets too much older. He is in line to be the oldest royal to become King of England, so when he does take the throne, he will break yet another record. This one has been in place for 300 years.

Prince Charles has been next in line to the throne just about all his life and now that he is a grandfather, some believe he should take his mother’s place. But, according to The Daily Star, there’s a reason that Queen Elizabeth won’t abdicate the throne. That reason dates way back to a vow she made on her 21st birthday.

All those decades ago, the Queen vowed she would serve her country until the day she died. The very young Elizabeth said, “I declare… that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service.” At 91, she is still hanging onto that vow, so say royal insiders. Even as the Queen slows down, the young royals can pick up some of her duties, leaving her position intact.

That is one theory on why Queen Elizabeth has allowed her eldest son to stay a prince even into his golden years. This other theory, which is quite popular online, has to do with Camilla. According to a poll done online by the Daily Star, Princess Diana still has many, many fans out there who don’t want to see Camilla in that role. For Camilla to become the queen after many of Diana’s fans believe she was the cause of a lot of unhappiness to Diana, this just doesn’t float for the masses, suggests The Daily Star.

The arrival of Kate Middleton into the Royal Family several years back helped the family’s image greatly, as many consider her as they did Diana — a breath of fresh air. To put Camilla where Diana was once slated to be could really cause an uproar, suggests that poll that was reported last month.

The Reader’s Digest suggests that it’s no secret that Charles is the least favorite member of the Royal Family and another recent poll showed that he is “everyone’s least favorite royal.” Despite the rumors swirling for years that suggest Prince William and Kate are the Queen’s choice for the next to take over the throne, that will never happen.

According to the Reader’s Digest, it is not up to the Queen who takes over the throne once she vacates the position. It would be against the Laws of Parliment for the Queen to bypass Charles. The only way that rule could change is if Parliment did so and according to what history has shown, getting a law in place via Parlament takes quite a while; Charles would probably naturally move into the King’s role before a law would come into play.

With this latest record under his belt as the longest reigning Prince of Wales, when Charles does take the throne, he will break another record. Charles will be the oldest royal to become King, breaking a record that is 300-years-old. According to The Telegraph, “the previous record-holder, William IV, was aged 64 years, 10 months and five days when he became king in 1830.”

Prince Charles has been next in line for the throne since he was 4-years-old. He is also the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, according to the BBC. Despite the public’s opinion on Camilla, his marriage couldn’t work against him legally taking his mother’s place when the day comes, according to the Reader’s Digest. As to working against him when it comes to his popularity, that’s up to the subjects of the land.

While many actually sympathize with Charles, some are poking fun at this long wait for the crown. Most of the jokes are all in good fun and nothing derogatory, like the post below which many can relate to when waiting to hear back from a job you want.

People commenting on the different articles online seem to be polarized when it comes to Prince Charles.

Jean B on Yahoo writes, “He never treated Diana right and he never deserved her. He only treated with respect for her funeral. I hope he’s never king.”

Democracy Exporter on Yahoo writes, “Poor Guy.”

Some feel for the Prince, while others feel he deserves the wait.

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