Johnny Depp And Angelina Jolie ‘Revenge Dating?’ Absolutely Not

Angelina Jolie has been the focus of a number of unfathomable rumors since she announced she was filing for divorce from her now-estranged husband Brad Pitt, yet such rumors are often made more believable since the rumor that Jolie and Pitt were on the rocks and heading for a split, actually came to be the truth.

Yet, the only recent reports about Angelina and Brad that can be considered factual are those stating that the former A-list couple are working amicably to settle their divorce case and custody battle, while ensuring to put their six children first on their list of priorities, as Hollywood Life notes.

This has not stopped tabloids from fabricated falsities about Jolie and Pitt’s love lives and the latest supposed romance takes the cake. The UN special envoy is apparently “revenege dating” another Hollywood heartthrob, Johnny Depp, who has been through a difficult year himself.

The claims were made by a supposed insider to Star, a publication known to perpetuate fake news as well as fabricate it. Gossip Cop notes the details of the rumor brought forth by a said source.

Calling the actress “spiteful,” the source goes on to say that “seven years after sparks flew: while Jolie and Depp worked on set for The Tourist, the two stars have “finally turned up the heat and thrown themselves into a secret, red hot romance.”

The said insider also goes on to indicate that the timing for the romance between Johnny and Angelina is perfect, seeing as the Pirates of the Caribbean star has “finalized his nasty divorce from Amber Heard in January,” and in addition, Jolie’s divorce proceedings with Pitt have seemed to calm down. However, the informant goes on to insist that Angelina is “still angry.”

Supposedly, it was not a planned get together, but came about after Depp’s name kept coming up when she and pals were discussing who she would date, which led to texts and an eventual passionate hook-up. The source then states that although the two have not been seen together, they have jetted off to some “exotic offshore locations.”

For those who may be thinking, “This all sounds completely made up,” you couldn’t be more right. As GC notes, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are not revenge dating. A reliable source close to Depp assured that these claims are “completely untrue.”

[Featured Image by Carlos Alvarez/ Getty Images]