Corrupt Apple Store Employees Confess Of Damaging Inventory, Trading Computers For Plastic Surgery

Corrupt Apple Store employees are speaking out about the poor management and bad behavior that goes on in their retail locations, spinning a tale of misbehavior that could bring some bad publicity to the company.

The accounts of the corrupt Apple Store employees comes from Gizmodo, which tracked down a number of sources by email and Skype to learn about what really goes on inside Apple Stores. What reporter Sam Biddle found were employees treating the store like a “personal playground.”

Biddle wrote:

“Computers were traded for plastic surgery, iPhones were smashed like party favors, and employees outright stole from the back room for their own pleasure. It was a den of misuse and abuse, all under the gleaming white aegis of Apple Retail. The perfection is a myth.”

The accounts told of employees who did as they pleased, stealing from the company and making a game out of damaging customers’ products.

The first story of corrupt Apple Store employees came from Texas this summer, where one employee spoke out about the rampant employee misbehavior there. A deeper look after that found similar behavior at other Apple Stores.

One of the confessions came from the store’s so-called “geniuses,” the tech department that work on customers’ computers. One Apple Store employee confessed that customers’ personal information was routinely stolen.

“The first thing we’d do is ask for a passcode and say we were going to open it in the back,” one Apple Store employee wrote wrote to Gizmodo.

“If you were a hot chick getting files moved, guarantee that your files were getting looked through for pictures and video. That is how we discovered one of our customers ran an adult website,” another employee wrote.

Any nude images found would be shared among employees or even saved for “private” use, the Daily Mail noted.

The newest stories of corrupt Apple Store employees came from all over the United States and Canada, including stores in New York, Texas, California, and Massachusetts.