Trump’s $16.9 Million House Hit By Hurricane Irma: See 50 Photos Of ‘Château des Palmiers’ Trump Mansion

At least two of President Donald Trump’s mansions were under threat of being demolished by Hurricane Irma, and now, it appears one of those mansions may have been wiped out by the hurricane. As reported by the Inquisitr, President Trump still owns the $16.9 Château des Palmiers mansion that he has been trying to sell. Trump’s mansion is one that has had the price dropped from $28 million down to $16.9 million in an effort to offload the property. However, with Hurricane Irma reportedly slamming into President Trump’s house on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, it’s not clear how the hurricane damage will have an effect on the repair, rebuilding, and resale of the property owned by Trump. (The above photo shows damage by Hurricane Irma to a St. Thomas post office.)

There are 50 photos of Château des Palmiers on the St. Martin Sotheby’s International Realty website that display how beautiful the president’s mansion appeared before the Terres Basses property was impacted by the storm. However, according to the Independent, Hurricane Irma crashed into St. Martin, near Trump’s waterfront house. Reports of damage are still coming in, and it isn’t clear how much of President Trump’s house was destroyed. However, French officials claimed the area of the island where Trump’s home is located “suffered serious damage,” according to the Washington Post, without going into details about the specific damage to Trump’s home.

Since French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb reported that the “four most solid buildings on the island have been destroyed,” the strength of the storm and its effect upon the president’s house is still being determined. President Trump had not yet sold his house, according to the Washington Post. Not only was President Trump’s mansion damaged by the storm, but billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson had his British Virgin Islands home destroyed as well. Sam Branson, Richard’s son, has posted photos and videos like the below image from his Instagram account, detailing the havoc wreaked by the hurricane. Richard owns Virgin Airlines and Virgin Media, but the billionaire came under fire for tweeting that he would be sheltering from the storm in a concrete wine cellar beneath his Necker Island house.


As reported by MSN, it is not likely that Trump’s mansion was spared in the storm.

[Featured Image by Ian Brown/AP Images]