Blue Whale Game: Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook Should Stop The Menace

The Blue Whale Game, also known as Blue Whale Challenge, is an online game that is claimed to exist in all parts of the world. The administrators assign a series of tasks to participants, with the final task requiring them to commit suicide. According to Daily Mail, this viral game is raising alarms at schools and colleges across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

A report by The Sun reveals that a teenage girl recently participated in the Blue Whale Challenge. She was so desperate to win the tasks as she tried to commit suicide twice within a week. The unnamed Indian girl tried to carve images of a blue whale on her arms using a razor. She told the news outlet that the curator ordered her to either dive into the river or carve the image of the blue whale on her arm. Otherwise, her mother and brother will die of heart attack. A few days later, this young lady overdosed on sleeping pills and was rushed to a nearby clinic, where doctors saved her life after an operation.

In 2013, Blue Whale started in Russia and allegedly caused first few suicides two years later. Philipp Budeikin, a former science student, invented this game to “purify” the societies by pushing to suicide those he deemed as having no importance.

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Social media has become one of the most influencing platforms. Various depressed and lonely teenagers use Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to talk to their friends and play a variety of games every day. But Blue Whale Challenge is not safe as it has killed various people in the United States, Russia and other parts of the world. Teachers and parents there have already taken measures to stop the craze, but social media websites should stop the menace on their behalf. Both the Google Play store and Apple’s iOS store have already deleted this application.

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This game is based on the relationships between the participants and the curators. The players are attracted towards grand prizes and asked to complete different tasks on a daily basis. Some of the tasks are assigned in advance, while others are given once the previous task has been completed. The final task is to commit suicide, and the player is asked to complete this task as early as possible. If he refuses to commit suicide, he is threatened by the administrator. Earlier this month, Satvik Pandey, a high-school student, committed suicide after allegedly playing the Blue Whale game.

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