Usain Bolt $150 Million Hoax: Bolt Gets 25,500 Facebook Likes For Fake Hurricane Donation Story [Debunked]

In the midst of news about celebrities donating money to Hurricane Harvey victims, there is at least one fake story making the rounds that claims Usain Bolt donated $150 million to the victims. And the fake story has gotten loads of attention. According to Trendolizer, the article titled “BREAKING NEWS: Usain Bolt donates $150 million dollars to Hurricane Harvey Victims” has gotten more than 25,000 Facebook likes.

Reactions on Facebook to the fake news article about Usain’s $150 million donation to hurricane victims show that people are chiming in aplenty about the fake news. Some are calling it a blessing that Bolt would donate so much money, without knowing that the article about the $150 million donation is fake. Others – believe it not – are criticizing Usain for not donating $150 million to victims of other tragedies. Plenty of people are recognizing the story about Bolt as a fake article. However, the article from the “Daily News” website at the usa360-tv URL claims that Usain is giving $150 million to the “entire Houston community” in order to give them food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. According to Jamaicans, the fake story about Bolt, the retired, eight-time Olympic gold medal winner, is, indeed, not true.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the fake story about Hurricane Harvey, Usain’s social media pages are getting plenty of attention. Although Bolt’s fake news story isn’t real, plenty of other news reports about celebrity donations to hurricane victims are real. Sandra Bullock donated $1 million, as reported by CNN.

J.J. Watt took to social media to announce his donation to hurricane relief, and he encouraged others to give. According to, Watt has a goal to raise $10 million to help those who were displaced by the storm. Even people with not well-known names have been giving money to hurricane relief. An anonymous donor pledged $1 million, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune, with the anonymous person being a businessman who simply wanted to help Hurricane Harvey victims in a manner that was significant.

As of this writing, it is unclear how much Bolt has donated to hurricane victims as the fake story goes viral.

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