Martin Shkreli Claims To Have Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails, Posts Cryptic Message Hinting He’s In Danger

Martin Shkreli posted a series of seemingly bizarre claims on Wednesday, saying that he had Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails as well as her DNA, then posting what appeared to be a cryptic comment insinuating that his life was in danger.

The controversial pharmaceutical executive, notorious for his provocative behavior and sometimes outlandish claims, posted a picture to his Facebook page on Wednesday claiming that he had obtained a sample of Hillary Clinton’s DNA. Shortly after that, he posted a picture of himself holding a computer chip and claiming that it contained emails deleted by Clinton.

“How about this chip? 10 million deleted HRC emails? Oh well,” he wrote.

The comment appeared to be in reference to the reported 33,000 emails that Clinton had wiped from a private server during her time as secretary of state.

After posting both pictures, Shkreli posted a cryptic comment that appeared to insinuate that his life may be in danger.

“I am not under any emotional duress. I am of clear mind and rational action. I have seen friends and family recently and I am under no psychological frustration or pressure of any kind. I have stored various files where friends can retrieve them in the event of an emergency. I do not own or ever have owned a gun. I do not leave my house in the middle of the night or travel to dangerous neighborhood by myself.”

Shkreli then posted a series of characters that many interpreted as a “dead man’s switch,” set to automatically post in the event that something should happen to him.

Martin Shkreli’s comments made waves among conspiracy theorists and were shared across social media, though there was sharp disagreement over whether he was posting sincerely. Shkreli has gained a reputation for being a provocateur, seeming to revel in the notoriety he gained after increasing the price on the AIDS drug Daraprim to $750 per pill from $13.50 per pill.

He has since gained a reputation as a so-called “troll,” and even registered domains in the names of journalists who covered him and then using those sites to mock them. As Mashable noted, Shkreli has been in trouble before for his online harassment of critics and was even kicked off Twitter after violating the platform’s harassment policy in an attack on Teen Vogue editor Lauren Duca.

Shkreli was also recently convicted of securities fraud for lying to hedge-fund investors about a pharmaceutical drug.

Martin Shkreli has also been known to push conspiracy theories, including those connected to Hillary Clinton. Earlier this summer he offered $100,000 for information that led to the arrest of the killer of Seth Rich, a staff member of the Democratic National Committee shot to death in 2016. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that Rich was the person who leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks, claiming that he may have been killed by the DNC in retaliation.

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