‘Nice Guys Of OKCupid’ Blog Uncovers The Men Women Should Avoid

A new blog entitled, ‘Nice Guys’ Of OkCupid, unearths the hoard of self-proclaimed ‘nice guys’ on the dating website, who aren’t actually that great at all.

The site’s creator, who is unknown, takes quotes from people’s online dating profiles and then shares them with their followers. They then also take an image of the individual and paste his quotes over the picture.

One example includes quotes such as, “I’m so tired of those fake a** girls complaining that men are a**holes and jerks and how they just want a nice guy who treats them right. Well that nice guy has been under your God damned nose this entire f***ing time holding your hand” and “Being nice has never really helped me in life and has led to disappointment.”

Another individual posted the following about himself, “Nice guy who will eventually finish first” and then under the sub-heading, ‘The most private thing I’m willing to admit’, wrote, “I think breaking bad helped ruin my last relationship. After every episode I was depressed as f*** and didn’t wanna talk to my gf. Oh well she was a s***.”

One man also stated, “Remember that boy in high school who helped give relationship advice to girls he really like that were taken? Every time he tries to solve an issue that the girl had, he succeeds but not with the girl. That boy was me. I was always in the friend zone. The “nice guy”.”

What do you think of the blog? Do you think it’s cruel? Or have the men who have been unearthed dug their own grave?

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