Milwaukee High School Student Beats Up Teacher In Front Of Class, Video Of Brutal Beating Goes Viral

A high school student from Milwaukee beat a teacher in front of the entire class, and the entire brutal beating was caught on video that has now gone viral.

The incident took place at South Division High School in the Wisconsin city, and video captured the moments that led up the beating, Fox News 6 reported. In the footage, the 16-year-old student was seen arguing with the teacher, then pushing the man. The teen then struck the teacher in the face several times as other students in the class tried to intervene. Eventually, the teacher fell to the ground and the student continued to pummel him.

The teacher reportedly injuries from the beating, but they were not considered serious and the teacher is expected to recover. It was not clear what led up to the fight, as the video only picks up after the confrontation had already started.

The incident has sparked a reaction across Milwaukee. A spokesman for the Milwaukee Public School District noted that officials are cooperating with police after the brutal beating, but could not comment further on the incident.

The school has reportedly been a trouble spot in the district, and Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan said the student should face the full consequences of the law in order to deter further violence. Donovan also praised the school for its response to the incident.

“Violence at MPS is a great concern to the community. Actions like this need criminal charges to send a message, and hold the student responsible for their reckless and dangerous behavior,” he said (via Fox News 6).

“I applaud the many great teachers and students at MPS, however, there is a segment of students who choose to behave inappropriately and criminally, which robs other students and teachers of an opportunity to build a safe learning environment.”

The full video of the student beating the teacher in front of the class can be seen below, but be warned that it can be upsetting for some viewers.

The story attracted headlines across the globe, and video of the beating was shared across social media. Many commenters advocated harsh punishment against the student, noting that his violent act not only endangered the teacher’s life but also disrupted learning for other students in the class.


The story also generated more than 40,000 views on the New York Post, where it was one of the most-read stories this week.


The student caught on video beating up his teacher is now facing battery charges, the Root reported. The case will be presented to the district attorney’s office in the coming days, the report noted.

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