Crocodile Leaps At Tourists Swimming In Australia [Video]

Crocodiles aren’t really known for their airborne attacks but don’t tell that to Felix Andersson and his buddies. A group of Swedish tourists were swimming in Australia when a crocodile leaped off of the rocks and landed on top of Andersson.

According to the BBC, Felix Andersson, Jakob Hellberg and Ulrik Bergsland were at Litchfield National Park in Australia when they spotted a crocodile on one of the rocks near the shore.

The swimmers moved in for a closer look and before they knew it the crocodile was leaping through the air at them.

Andersson said:

“We were swimming, testing out our new underwater cameras and we saw the crocodile. We started going closer and I swear that I was hidden by the rock but as the cameraman got closer, I guess it just wanted to get back in the water so it jumped. It landed on my shoulder … I was really shocked. I went straight underwater and swam away. People are saying that we were really stupid for doing that, and after watching the video, I have to agree.”

It doesn’t look like the crocodile is trying to attack the swimmers. Instead, it looks like the cameraman got a little close for comfort and the crocodile decided it was best to get away. Unfortunately, Andersson was swimming right in the escape route.

Here’s the video of the crocodile leaping at the tourists.

This isn’t the first incredible animal video to pop up online this week. A Goden eagle was captured on film swooping down and snatching a toddler in Canada. That video, however, turned out to be a hoax.